Is This Conan O'Brien's Illegitimate Son?

This kid has his Halloween costume on lockdown. A young man who looks almost exactly like Conan O'Brien has come forward claiming to be the talk show host's son. We'd expect this behavior from Max Weinberg, but not you Conan. If this proves to be fake, this kid should still count his blessings. He has got his Halloween costume on lockdown for the rest of his life.

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Conan O'Brien Joined The 'Sons Of Anarchy' Last Night On His Show

He would be an amazing biker. Conan O'Brien treated his audience, and himself, to a three-minute cold open that followed the ginger talk show host as an outlaw biker. It's about as funny and ridiculous as you would expect. This was all done in honor of an appearance by the cast and creator of Sons of Anarchy on the show, which was equally surreal. After some really long shots of Conan trying his best to look menacing, the rest of the intro is him getting throw out of various storefronts. Or a stuntman with a Conan wig, if you want to be cynical about it. This is just the intro. If you want to see his interview with the cast, Deadline has a nice assembly of clips here.


Conan O'Brien Performs 'The Simpsons' Monorail Song Live At Hollywood Bowl

Why? Because life is nice sometimes. Adding more support to the argument that The Simpsons is enjoying a late-life resurgence, the series just completed a three-day run at The Hollywood Bowl, showcasing all its best musical numbers with an all-star cast of Simpsons voice talent and creators. And what would that showcase be without "The Monorail Song?" Not much. And what would "The Monorail Song" be without writer Conan O'Brien? Not much, either. The song was originally performed by Phil Hartman, who was murdered 16 years ago, so Conan took it upon himself to perform the song that he wrote. There's also some fun banter about how the song has been the bane of Conan's public existence. I could go into further detail, but just watch the awesome video.


New Trailer: 'Conan O'Brien Can't Stop' And So He Didn't

The new documentary takes us back to a time many one year and a few months ago. It feels like "Conan" has been on TBS for forever now. I'm not sure how Conan O'Brien would feel about that statement, but I mean it as a compliment. As far as I'm concerned, we now have Coco in our lives again, and all that Leno stuff is water under the late night bridge. (By that I mean, the Brooklyn Bridge at night.) So the new documentary Conan O'Brien Can't Stop takes us back to a time many one year and a few months ago, where O'Brien left "The Tonight Show" and embarked on a 32-state tour of the country called "The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour." Looks like we're getting a close-up look at the man behind the red mop... but will we like what we see? Yeah, probably. Director Rodman Flender takes us into the Cone-Zone Jun 24, 2011 in limited release. You can read out our review of Conan O'Brien Can't Stop here.


Links Away: Halloweens All About Making Friends

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Parents Continue To Torment Their Kids On Halloween, All For Jimmy Kimmel

They lied to their kids about eating all their candy. Really nice work, parents. If you're like me, you love lying to/disappointing children. So every year, when Jimmy Kimmel does his annual, "parents lie about eating their kids' candy and tape it," I get pretty fired up. Because watching kids cry is funny for those at arm's length, and one day, it will provide the children something to laugh about with their therapists. Hilarious! I sort of got the joke when Kimmel first did this, and thought it was pretty funny. However, after a few years, I think it spotlights some truly deranged parents, and Kimmel, though I understand why he's doing it, is playing a pretty instrumental part in f*cking with the heads of these kids. DOES HE KNOW HOW IMPORTANT CANDY IS TO CHILDREN? There's nothing more important.


Watch Conan O'Brien And Dave Franco Hit The Town As They Get on Tindr

Did anyone make Dave Franco apologize for 'Bad Neighbors' before doing this? Conan O'Brien really likes to surprise people via apps. He's got a track record of jumping in Lyft cars with Ice Cube, and now he's taking Dave Franco out to meet people using the dating/hookup app Tindr. I can't imagine that they really need the app. They could just stand on a corner and scream, "We're Dave Franco and Conan O'Brien. Ladies, come to us!" but that wouldn't really be as funny. This is funny, as you'll see.


[VIDEO] Sterling Archer Takes Conan O'Brien to the Danger Zone on <em>Conan</em>

The results were nothing short of explosive (phrasing?). By Jared Jones You guys remember how Scooby Doo used to have a different celebrity guest star almost every episode? One week it would be Don Knotts, then The Harlem Globetrotters the next. And that episode where Don Knotts played for The Harlem Globetrotters? Game. Changer. It's a strategy that Archer should consider adopting, is what I'm getting at. Last night on Conan, for instance, the world's deadliest spy welcomed the world's lankiest talk show host into his constantly awesome, animated world, and the results were nothing short of explosive (phrasing?). Despite being a sarcastic ginger who had never so much as held a gun before, O'Brien proved himself as quite the adept secret agent, helping Archer thwart a team of Russian mobsters who were probably just out to kill Cheryl/Carol like that old gypsy woman said. Check out the segment above and tell me a wheelhouse of regular guest celebrities like Conan isn't an idea that Archer should run with for an entire season. Think of it: In addition to bringing back former guests like Burt Reynolds, Timothy Olyphant, and Anthony Bourdain, the Archer gang could find themselves battling an Italian mafioso headed by Joe Pesci, or enlisting the help of the POTUS himself to out a mole in the Secret Service. Or enlist the help of a Colombian brothel headed by Sofia out a mole in the Secret Service. Whatever works.