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Is Everyone On Valium In The ‘Beginners’ Trailer?

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Ewan McGregor appears to be the world’s most composed, subdued man in the official trailer for Beginners, a quirky dramedy (aren’t they all?) also starring Christopher Plummer as his openly gay father. It’s not easy to discern exactly what the film is about, other than McGregor’s character just going through some stuff. Namely, his father’s health issues, a relationship, and a dog that can’t talk but McGregor may or may not be able to undestand him anyway.

The film has an indie sensibility without wearing its quirkiness like a badge of honor. That’s right, Juno. I’m talkin’ about you. McGregor hasn’t shown these colors in a while, but he doesn’t appear to miss a beat, playing a lost soul we haven’t seen since his Trainspotting days. But without all that sweet, sweet heroin. (Playlist)

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