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‘Ironclad’ Trailer Is Better Than The Last One, Still Not ‘Good’

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If you waited patiently for Kevin Sorbo to appear at some point, I’m sorry you were disappointed. This was the second attempt at a trailer for Ironclad, the first since Paul Giamatti joined the cast, and it still doesn’t look all that sharp. Sadly, the first trailer has been removed by user (smart move on their part), but you can see Screen Junkie’s impressions of it right here.

It resembles a copy of a copy of a copy of Braveheart, which is to say, again, not sharp. Despite a very strong cast (Brian Cox, Jason Flyming, Mackenzie Crook), it seems as though they will be jockeying for attention against falling buildings and catapults. Also, the color settings seem to make the whole thing look like porn (or anything on the BBC), so that’s not going to do much to sell audiences on the production values. So, enjoy Catapults, Swords, and Paul Giamatti. (Vulture)

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