Iron Man Teaches How To Kill A Helicopter With A Piano

And now you know. We've seen helicopters killed in several different ways. There's the tried and true shoot-it-with-a-missile, or trick it into flying into another helicopter/too close to power lines. We've seen helicopters killed by crashing tail first into hockey rinks. We've even John McClane kill a helicopter by launching a cop car at it. Tony Stark, however, is not one to be outdone. In this clip from Iron Man 3, he displays perhaps the most impressive helicopter slaughter yet -- killing it with a rocket-propelled piano. Here, writer/director Shane Black proves he still knows his way around action. It's like a super-powered version the surfboard scene from Lethal Weapon 2, proving that writer/director Shane Black still knows how to craft a memorable action scene. Your move, The Expendables 3.

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Honest Trailers: 'Iron Man 3'

Honesty is always the best policy. Especially when it's funny. By the time you get to the third installment of a film, no matter how original the material, or tight the team is, there are going to be some inconsistencies, redundancies, and just general familiarity that piss people of. And that's just in the base case. If it's a superhero film, and you strip the hero away of his superpowers, you're going to feel the wrath. This is our wrath for Iron Man 3 starring Robert Downey Jr., largely as someone other than Iron Man.


Robert Downey Jr. Is Acting All Creepy In Extended 'Iron Man 3' Spot

Extended look. Careful what you wish for. We've been hoodwinked. After viewing a portion of the thrilling air rescue in last night's Iron Man 3 Super Bowl spot, we were offered an extended look at the movie's Facebook page. What we got was Robert Downey Jr. staring us down for what felt like 45 minutes. In one sense, we did get an "extended look," just not the one we really hoped for. It's like Marvel is a double-crossing genie all of a sudden.


'Iron Man 3' Trailer Calls For Back Up

Plus, The Mandarin speaks! Like a dork!! When Marvel brought 1980's action auteur Shane Black on board to shake up Tony Stark's world, we were curious to see what he'd bring to the table. Now we know. If nothing else, and the film turns out to be a disappointment, at least we have this trailer. My favorite parts: - Stark firing his glove as a gun while also firing an actual gun - Gwyneth Paltrow hanging out around explosions in a sports bra - The Mandarin talking like Toby Radloff from American Splendor - Iron Man's army May 4th!


'Iron Man 3' Looks Awesome But Suspiciously Like 'Lethal Weapon 2'

Tony Stark is getting to old for this shit. Tony Stark has made his fair share of enemies. At least a hundred in fact and that number doesn't consider his non-human enemies from other dimensions. That kind of hate takes a toll and Iron Man 3 finds the billionaire superhero losing sleep. His most dangerous enemy, The Mandarin, reveals himself and makes things personal by destroying his pussy palace. Just like when those South Africans destroyed Rigg's sweet oceanfront trailer in Lethal Weapon 2. Shane Black, we see what you're doing here.


'3 Days To Kill' Looks Like 'Ronin' With A Little Costner Sprinkled In

Kevin Costner...badass. Action movies are 40% more appealing when they take place in Europe. (CITATION NEEDED) They've got cool cars, narrow streets upon which to race those cars, girls with accents, Russians in black Range Rovers...the whole shebang. Three Days to Kill gets us all those things, and also Kevin Costner playing a badass. Following Hatfields and McCoys, I dare say Mr. Costner is enjoying something of a renaissance. Anyway, the lowdown on this film is that Costner's a secret service agent, and he's gotta complete a mission to get an experimental drug that could save his life. The drug wrecks him with hallucinations, and he's juggling family strife while doing it. It's like a more domestic Crank, except I'm somehow able to take it seriously. Way to go Mr. Costner, on returning to Dances with Wolves form, if that character drove Audis throughout Paris. Which he should have.


Here's Every Reference To (And Synonym For) 'Vagina' On 'Orange Is The New Black'

Oddly enough, never once do they refer to it as a "man-cave." Considering the nature of the show, and how borderline graphic/racy/candid it is, I'm surprised that the clip is only coming in at :57. I would have thought that it would be at least two hours, but then again, they edited this thing pretty tightly. Mostly, it's just people saying "pussy" a lot, which, if I wanted to hear repeated ad nauseum, I would just hang out with my friends. Anyway, hope that everyone had a very Orange is the New Black weekend. Enjoy the profanity.


Back In <del>Black</del> Orange: 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 2 Trailer

Take another look inside the reality of women's prisons and all their wacky hairdos. Orange Is The New Black is back with a trailer for season two which was almost the perfect opportunity to use AC/DC's "Back In Black." Almost. Thanks to the shortsightedness of the show titling dept., there will be no rocking with anybody's anything out. The Netflix original series gives us a look inside the reality of women's prisons and all their wacky hairdos.