Iron Man Teaches How To Kill A Helicopter With A Piano

And now you know. We've seen helicopters killed in several different ways. There's the tried and true shoot-it-with-a-missile, or trick it into flying into another helicopter/too close to power lines. We've seen helicopters killed by crashing tail first into hockey rinks. We've even John McClane kill a helicopter by launching a cop car at it. Tony Stark, however, is not one to be outdone. In this clip from Iron Man 3, he displays perhaps the most impressive helicopter slaughter yet -- killing it with a rocket-propelled piano. Here, writer/director Shane Black proves he still knows his way around action. It's like a super-powered version the surfboard scene from Lethal Weapon 2, proving that writer/director Shane Black still knows how to craft a memorable action scene. Your move, The Expendables 3.