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Internet Unearths Quentin Tarantino’s First Movie Ever

Having gone to a film school, I know first hand that most student director’s first films are B&W portraits of a sad college girl in a bathtub who decides to slit her wrists. Powerful stuff!!! Toy Story superfan Quentin Tarantino‘s first movie is a little different.

Shot in the 80s, My Best Friend’s Birthday was written and directed by Tarantino, and stars the Pulp Fiction director as a disc jockey. There’s profanity, cocaine freak-outs, some questionable acting and lines like, “I’m no fag, but Elvis was good looking.” If you’re a Tarantino fan or a True Romance fan, this is a can’t miss. Some of the ideas here get reused later in the True Romance script.

The first 36 minutes of My Best Friend’s Birthday have been uploaded, but where’s the rest? According to rumors, the second half was destroyed in an Inglorious Basterds-esque fire. Or maybe that’s what Tarantino claims, because in the second half, he goes into grosser, more embarrassing details about his foot fetish. The world may never know… (Movieline)

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