International 'Prometheus' Trailer Highlights The Dangers Of Being A Spaceman

I'm starting to feel really bad for the crew of the Prometheus. Not only do they have to travel far from home and those they love, but they also need to deal with face-melting, dust storms, probably aliens, cryo-sleep morning wood, and ancient ruins collapsing on them. And that just seems to be the tip of the iceberg. If anything, this international trailer for Ridley Scott's maybe Alien prequel gives us a hint of the scope of this film. The large set pieces that build both the crew's world and the alien civilization look massive and if we could figure out what the hell is going on here I'd bet we're in for another tremendous science fiction film from Scott. Still feel bad that this bunch is being tortured, though. Then again, they're all rather pretty and probably got unfair advantages at astronaut school. Maybe had they studied more, they wouldn't have melted faces now. (via Twitch)