'Insidious' Teaser Boasts Wilson, Byrne, Creepy Kid

Pretty white people + creepy little kid + a bunch quick cuts = James Wan's 'Insidious'! Take some pretty white people, throw in a creepy little kid with pale eyes, and stir in a bunch quick cuts. Season with tense music stings and you've a recipe for success, or at least, most horror films from the last five years. Here's the teaser from James Wan's (Saw) latest. The film comes out April first, and you'd be a fool not to see it!* *I instantly regret that pun. Please forgive me. (The Playlist)

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Insidious Is Insidious In New ‘Insidious’ Trailer

The ghost of Darth Maul is haunting Patrick Wilson's son. When I first wrote about Insidious, my main question was 'Why does that ghost look like a cross-dressing Michael Myers?' This new trailer doesn't reveal that answer. It only poses more questions. It seems as if there are multiple g-g-g-g-GHOSTS!!! ***leaves Wookie Johnson-shaped hole in wall while fleeing*** I'm told that the film, though formulaic, really delivers on scares. To me, it looks like a really scary version of "Ghosthunters," which could be a cool premise. Noticing strange goings-on, concerned parents of a creepy kid hire paranormal investigators, only to discover it's not their house that's haunted but their son. Why they don't leave the kid in the supermarket parking lot a few towns over is beyond me. The movie stars Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson, Barbara Hershey, and apparently the ghost of Darth Maul. Good to see him working again.


Jump Scare of the Day: Insidious -- "Face of Fire" Scene

Perhaps the scariest scene from a movie which has been dubbed, ""a goddamn Disneyland theme ride of machine-gun paced jump-scares." By Jared Jones James Wan's Insidious is, to quote Pajiba's review of the film, "a goddamn Disneyland theme ride of machine-gun paced jump-scares." Chief among them might the scene above, in which Josh's (Patrick Wilson) mother, Lorraine, recounts a dream she had the night before involving a demonic figure and Josh's son, Dalton. Then this happens, and then you wonder why the room suddenly smells like someone took a fresh dook. Then you realize that you are the only person in the room. If you have any suggestions for what a future entry should be, give us a shout over at @screenjunkies with the hashtag #jumpscare.


New 'Insidious: Chapter 3' Trailer Is More Insidiousier Than You Even Thought Possible

Now THAT is how you insidious. With Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne enjoying a life free of creepy Victorian ghosts, it's time for audiences to jump in the wayback machine to see some earlier examples of ghosts acting like total dicks in Insidious: Chapter 3. This time, Dermot Mulroney and his teenage daughter encounter visitors from the Further. This prequel sets itself up as the origin tale that explains the evil spirits that terrorized in the previous films. However, this story takes place in the early 2000's and Insidious: Chapter 2 featured flashbacks that clearly illustrated a young Lin Shaye battling ghosts back in the 1980's, so it's a loose interpretation of the word 'prequel'. At any rate, this one looks really creepy and the filmmakers are still coming up with some creative scares. I'll watch Dermot Mulroney yell at ghosts for a couple of hours.


Ghosts Find Another Attractive Family To Harass In 'Insidious: Chapter 3'

Dermot Mulroney subs in as "Guy Wandering Around In the Dark." With Patrick Wilson successfully ghost busted, the producers of Insidious: Chapter 3 had to find another handsome guy who would work for little money. Naturally, they rested on Dermot Mulroney because he's really good at that. In this prequel to the micro-budget horror hits, he plays the father of a teenaged girl who ghosts decide to harass. I'm not certain how the third chapter of a story could technically be a prequel, especially when half of the second chapter took place in the 1980's and this one is clearly set in the age of T-Mobile Sidekicks. Also, I'm not certain that ghosts can pull your consciousness into their spooky limbo world either so let's just going into this willing to accept anything.


'Insidious 2' International Trailer Pretty Much Ignores 'Insidious'

Looks like they didn't spend more money on The Further this time. Ah, the joys of raising a haunted child. After moving into yet another new house, Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne just can't shake those pesky ghosts. The international trailer for Insidious: Chapter 2 mostly shows us what we've already seen when Wilson and Byrne move the family into grandma's house and pretty much ruin its resale value. Even in this market, murder houses are notoriously tough to unload.


Watch A Really Creepy Teaser For 'The Skin That I Live In'

Definitely not sponsored by Nasonex. Pedro Almodovar is famous for making artful melodramas - but his latest is a different kind of beast. The Skin I Live In is a horror movie. More specifically, a mad scientist horror movie, and judging from the teaser, it's going to be essential viewing for people who like getting creeped out. The movie stars Antonio Banderas, a long way from Puss-in-Boots or the Nasonex bee. From what I can gather, he's created some kind of humanoid creature who tries to escape, first through the door and then by threatening to commit suicide. Bring the kids!


'Insidious, Chapter 2' Trailer: More Cost-Effective Scares

More haunted, non CGI hijinx. When the first Insidious ended with a horrible, violent murder, we all knew that there was more trouble in store for America's Most Haunted. The characters in the film somehow didn't get that memo though, as the trailer for Insidious, Chapter 2 finds them trying to get on with their lives only to be surprised when an ass ton of ghosts descend on their grandma's house in order to slam doors and dick around with the baby monitor. It's more cost-effective scares as more haunted happenings return us to The Further in this micro-budget sequel. I'm psyched but it's not a good sign when you want to slap the characters based off the trailer. Rose Byrne (panicked): It's still happening! Patrick Wilson: What is? Rose Byrne: My yeast infection. Patrick Wilson: .... Rose Byrne: Ghosts, dummy!


Charlize Theron Nude & Milk-Coated In 'Snow White and the Huntsman' Teaser

If you're into that kind of thing. [post-album postid="217079" item="6"]The first trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman is here and it writes all the wrongs of the original. Now we have naked Charlize Theron, epic battles Thor throwing a hatchet in slow-motion, people shattering, and huge beasts. No warrior dwarfs yet, though. Those will likely be revealed in a long, drawn-out release of totally radxxxcal motion hologram posters. Most of the action centers on Charlize Theron's evil queen and he practices of draining the beauty from those who put her Fairest in the Land title at risk. We then get some world building as The Huntsman and Snow White are briefly introduced. All in all, it looks like an overdone (but in the best way) effort from first-time director Rupert Sanders. Potential tag line: "This tale ain't for fairies."