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Insidious Is Insidious In New ‘Insidious’ Trailer

When I first wrote about Insidious, my main question was ‘Why does that ghost look like a cross-dressing Michael Myers?’ This new trailer doesn’t reveal that answer. It only poses more questions. It seems as if there are multiple g-g-g-g-GHOSTS!!! ***leaves Wookie Johnson-shaped hole in wall while fleeing***

I’m told that the film, though formulaic, really delivers on scares. To me, it looks like a really scary version of “Ghosthunters,” which could be a cool premise. Noticing strange goings-on, concerned parents of a creepy kid hire paranormal investigators, only to discover it’s not their house that’s haunted but their son. Why they don’t leave the kid in the supermarket parking lot a few towns over is beyond me.

The movie stars Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson, Barbara Hershey, and apparently the ghost of Darth Maul. Good to see him working again.

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