'Insidious, Chapter 2' Trailer: More Cost-Effective Scares

More haunted, non CGI hijinx. When the first Insidious ended with a horrible, violent murder, we all knew that there was more trouble in store for America's Most Haunted. The characters in the film somehow didn't get that memo though, as the trailer for Insidious, Chapter 2 finds them trying to get on with their lives only to be surprised when an ass ton of ghosts descend on their grandma's house in order to slam doors and dick around with the baby monitor. It's more cost-effective scares as more haunted happenings return us to The Further in this micro-budget sequel. I'm psyched but it's not a good sign when you want to slap the characters based off the trailer. Rose Byrne (panicked): It's still happening! Patrick Wilson: What is? Rose Byrne: My yeast infection. Patrick Wilson: .... Rose Byrne: Ghosts, dummy!