'In Time' Trailer Shows Time Is Money

This movie completely reconstructs everything we thought we knew about economic theory. And Olivia Wilde's in it, too! [post-video postid="221504"] In the world of In Time, what separates the rich from the poor isn't money, but rather time. The wealthiest people will not only live a very long time, but live as young people for a very long time. So the Fortune 500 would look like a True Blood cast picture or something. In this trailer, we find that Justin Timberlake's Will Salas is accused of murder, he must live as a poor person, hustling for every minute to make it through the day. So this film should fall in line with other like minded films like Crank, and even Die Hard with a Vengeance (when they're on that little scavenger hunt), which shouldn't distinguish it from a whole grip of other "clock is running out" films, but the idea that an entire economy is based on the allocation of time rather than dollars could be pretty interesting if it's developed between scenes of people jumping off balconies and running down alleys. Joining JT on this adventure are Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy, Alexy Petyfer, and Johnny Galecki. The film hits October 28, so start saving those minutes now.