'In Time' Trailer Imagines A World Where Justin Timberlake Fights For The Oppressed

They should've called it 'Justin Time'. [post-album postid="220484" item="1"]Justin Timberlake, not content to be the most-liked pop star/actor working today, is apparently branching out into the world of action stardom. The vehicle for this endeavor is called In Time - directed by respected science-fictioneer Andrew Niccol, and it as hooky scifi premises go, it's pretty golden. It's the future, when science has cured aging, and everyone stops growing older at 25. Instead of gradually getting older and dying, the populace is given one more year to live. But the people can replenish their time remaining on Earth, since in this future society, time is used as currency, like money today. Pretty cool, right? The trailer poses a lot of thought-provoking questions like "is it fair for some people to have lots of money while other people starve in the streets," along with some ass-kicking and gunplay. Oh, and Pete Campbell from Mad Men is in it. Sold!