'In Time' Trailer Imagines A World Where Justin Timberlake Fights For The Oppressed

They should've called it 'Justin Time'. [post-album postid="220484" item="1"]Justin Timberlake, not content to be the most-liked pop star/actor working today, is apparently branching out into the world of action stardom. The vehicle for this endeavor is called In Time - directed by respected science-fictioneer Andrew Niccol, and it as hooky scifi premises go, it's pretty golden. It's the future, when science has cured aging, and everyone stops growing older at 25. Instead of gradually getting older and dying, the populace is given one more year to live. But the people can replenish their time remaining on Earth, since in this future society, time is used as currency, like money today. Pretty cool, right? The trailer poses a lot of thought-provoking questions like "is it fair for some people to have lots of money while other people starve in the streets," along with some ass-kicking and gunplay. Oh, and Pete Campbell from Mad Men is in it. Sold!

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'In Time' Trailer Shows Time Is Money

This movie completely reconstructs everything we thought we knew about economic theory. And Olivia Wilde's in it, too! [post-video postid="221504"] In the world of In Time, what separates the rich from the poor isn't money, but rather time. The wealthiest people will not only live a very long time, but live as young people for a very long time. So the Fortune 500 would look like a True Blood cast picture or something. In this trailer, we find that Justin Timberlake's Will Salas is accused of murder, he must live as a poor person, hustling for every minute to make it through the day. So this film should fall in line with other like minded films like Crank, and even Die Hard with a Vengeance (when they're on that little scavenger hunt), which shouldn't distinguish it from a whole grip of other "clock is running out" films, but the idea that an entire economy is based on the allocation of time rather than dollars could be pretty interesting if it's developed between scenes of people jumping off balconies and running down alleys. Joining JT on this adventure are Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy, Alexy Petyfer, and Johnny Galecki. The film hits October 28, so start saving those minutes now.


Timberlake Goes Through A Kriss Kross Phase

The new 'Friends With Benefits' trailer will make you want to jump. Jump. A new, less naked trailer for Friends With Benefits is online and affirms that everyone in Hollywood knows each other. Will Gluck's follow-up to Easy A also sports cameos from Emma Stone and Andy Samberg. Stone, of course, starred in Easy A and Samberg convinced Timberlake to stick his D in a box and Patricia Clarkson (who also appears). It's also notable that Woody Harrelson (who co-starred with Stone in Zombieland) appears as Timberlake's gay confidant. That is an intricate web of casting. It's only a matter of time before we see Mila Kunis play Woody Harrelson's unlikely love interest as they butt heads while traveling to the group wedding of Justin Timberlake, Emma Stone, and Andy Samberg. Which will be presided over by Patricia Clarkson. Look for Goin' To The Chapel by Spring of 2013.


Kunis Is Timberlake’s Slam-Piece In ‘Friends With Benefits’ Red Band Trailer

After yesterday's posting of the No Strings Attached trailer, the film became an instant classic. So much so, that there's already a copycat. Today we have a red band, naughty trailer for Friends With Benefits, which stars Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis in the Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman roles respectively. After yesterday's posting of the No Strings Attached trailer, the film became an instant classic. So much so, that there's already a copycat. Today we have a red band, naughty trailer for Friends With Benefits, which stars Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis in the Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman roles respectively. In this version, two hot people decide to boink without labels. But they soon find that you can't alternately boink and play soccer videogames all the time. That's how love happens.


The Future Is Model Hot In New 'In Time' Trailer

On the one hand, it's a dystopia. On the other, meeee-ooowwwww. [post-album postid="217664" item="6"]Everyone seems to be looking forward to In Time and here's another trailer to whet your appetite. In the future, science has stopped the gene for aging. However, you don't live past twenty-five years old unless you're able to earn more time as it has become the chief currency. Which means that the wealthy can live forever and the poor work until they die. Fuck that shit. I'm moving to Future Canada. In Time stars Justin Timberlake as a man on the run after he inherits a century. Amanda Seyfried, Olivia Wilde, Cillian Murphy, Vincent Kartheiser, and Alex Pettyfer are also on hand to eternally attractive.


Comic-Con 2011: Move Into The Future With 'Elysium' Viral

You can be a part of something great. Good news everyone!! Armadyne is hiring. If you're a zero g welder, mega-structure engineer, quantum networker or an expert in the field of zero g coupling and multi-generational planning, you just might find yourself gettin' paid. What you're seeing above is a viral campaign launched to promote Neill Blomkamp's Elysium. ComingSoon came across a recruitment poster at Comic-Con that points to the fictional website Armadyne, where the video is posted. I've gotta say, as far as virals go this looks really impressive. If they're willing to put this kind of money into a web video, imagine what Neill Blomkamp will be able to achieve with his budget. It's going to look sweeeet. Wake me up in 2013 when the movie's released. **locks self in Demolition Man cryo-chamber**  


Justin Timberlake Returns To Jimmy Fallon To Sing Some Third Eye Blind

Do Smashmouth next! Justin Timberlake swung by Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show (as he so often does) for a largely unfunny, congratulatory skit about two dumb kids in summer camp in 1997. They talk like they have retainers in their mouths, and that's pretty much the alpha and the omega of the humor aside from, "Hey! Justin Timberlake's here!" BUT, there is salvation in all this. In the form of a sing-along to the seemingly forgotten Third Eye Blind song, "Jumper." If you fast forward about 2/3 of the way through, you get to the better part...the song.


'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' Has Given Us A New Red-Band Trailer At Comic-Con

They exploit the future for personal gain, which is probably pretty realistic. In case you thought you were going to have to go through life with only film about a jacuzzi that breaks the space-time continuum, think again. At Comic-Con the producers of the film unveiled their newest red-band trailer, and, because we live in the information age, that means that 18 seconds later, it's available online for every person that wasn't able to to make it down to sunny San Diego. It looks...good. As good as the first one. As bad as the first one? It's a move about a time machine that takes people to the 1980s and is a hot tub, so you should know if you're going to like it or not just based on that description. Ladies and gentlemen, it's with great awe and wonder that I present to you, Hot Tub Time Machine 2.


Disneyland’s ‘Star Tours 3D’ Opens Today: Time To Ditch Work

The ride has 52 different simulations, and many of them are not prequels-based. Admiral Ackbar's status in the Star Wars universe has risen from cult character to corporate spokesman. Witness the above promo for the newly revamped Star Tours 3D ride at Disneyland, opening today. The fishy-looking admiral is the star of the spot, with Darth Vader as kind of his sidekick. Darth Vader: Admiral Ackbar's Sidekick. I'm trying to comprehend the crazy awesome ridiculousness of that, but I don't think I have enough midichlorians. The new prequel to the original Star Tours has 52 different simulations, and many of them are not prequels-based. In the second video, you see some of the possible outcomes, like ending up face-to-ship with Vader. That opportunity is worth a little motion sickness, methinks. Of course, if I waited for 2 hours to ride it and ended up in Naboo, I'd be pretty pissed. This ride takes place between Episode III and IV, with C3p0 taking over piloting duties for the Paul Reubens voiced REX, but don't fear Disney nerds. You can visit with the bumbling bot in "Droid Customs" before the ride, getting used to his programming for the first time, I assume. (io9)