'Identity Thief' Trailer Has Jason Bateman Crusading To Get His Life Back

I JUST WANT MY LIFE BACK! Like I told my probation officer, identity theft is more funny than anything, so it's pretty hard to stay mad at Melissa McCarthy or sympathize with Jason Bateman here. I mean, with the same routine day in and day out, who wouldn't like to go on a good-natured madcap adventure with one of the stars of Bridesmaids, provided that it's not Maya Rudolph. She knows what she did.

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Hacker Who Leaked SCARLETT JOHANSSON NUDE PICS Gets Life In Prison Or Something

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Melissa McCarthy Is The New Zach Galifianakis In 'Identity Thief' Trailer

He had a good run. It's the Taking Care Of Business for a new generation! When Jason Bateman learns that his identity has been stolen by a husky woman in Florida, he does what any sensible person would do. Travels to Florida to hit the woman with his car. That's the best way to handle those situations, right? One time, a waiter accidentally gave my credit card to the wrong customer and he charged up $300 on it. I hit both he and the waiter with a car. Which really was a priceless experience if you know how to live in the moment.


The SJ Show: Super Bowl Movie Trailers 2013!

Plus, Hal chats with the stars of 'Identity Thief'. Hal takes a moment from gorging himself on hot wings and s'mores (don't ask) to dissect all the big Super Bowl movie trailers -- Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, Fast and the Furious 6 and World War Z -- and rate them on a scale of Very Good to Oz, The Great And Powerful. THEN he meets up with Melissa McCarthy, Jason Bateman, T.I. and Genesis Rodriquez to discuss their new movie, Identity Thief, and get their best Osama bin Laden impressions.


Jason Bateman Masters The Art Of Swearing At Children In 'Bad Words' Trailer

We finally see the nasty underbelly of the Spelling Bee circuit. When a character in a movie swears profusely and creatively at children is a tried and true shortcut to a laugh. Sometimes the results are uproarious or a mildly satisfying chuckle. In the red-band trailer for Bad Words, Jason Bateman transcends the art of swearing at and around children. Go ahead, Bateman. Drop the mic. You've earned that right. Who would have known that Jason Bateman would be so great for this role? Jason Bateman, that's who. Bad Words is also his directorial debut, meaning he was a shoe-in for the role. Much to the chagrin of Paul Rudd, who really loves being a dick to kids too.


Mumford And Sons Have A New Video With Jason Bateman, Jason Sudekis, Will Forte, And Ed Helms

Can these guys be a band now? It would appear that now even Mumford and Sons is in on the whole "Mumford and Sons is ridiculous" joke. However, rather than change their ways and putting on a genuine persona, they apparently will continue to dress like Victorian barbers, but will just be winking at everyone the entire time. Ugh. The video is funny, but the fact that the band produced it sort of creeps me out. It's nice to see the comedians in a natural state of slackerdom, rather than all clean shaven and proper, but that's as much praise as I'll give. Ok, fine. Ed Helms' face is hilarious when he's singing real close to Jason Bateman's.


‘The Change-Up’ Trailer: A Bateman/Reynolds Body Switch

In the vein of 'Vice Versa' and 'Like Father, Like Son' comes another awesome mind-transfer movie, only without dads and sons. The Jason Bateman/Ryan Reynolds comedy The Change-Up has a trailer. Which is good, because we were getting a little sick of staring at this one image for the past few months. The film features one of my favorite plot devices - the 'ole mind/body switch-a-roo. In this instance, Reynolds is the carefree bachelor while Bateman is a Michael Bluth-type family man. They envy each other, get struck by lightning, switch bodies, and hilarity ensues. How do I know hilarity ensues? I don't, but it's an educated guess. The film is directed by the helmer of Wedding Crashers and written by The Hangover guys. Call it a hunch. We've also got a poster for you. It would appear that both men are having threesomes, only Jason Bateman's is with babies. Pretty edgy stuff.


Watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Prostitute

Someone mashed up those beloved Rankin/Bass stop motion animation cartoons with the Police's song about a whore named Roxanne. And you know what? It works rather well. Someone mashed up those beloved Rankin/Bass stop motion animation cartoons with the Police's song about a whore named Roxanne. And you know what? It works rather well. Except that Rudolph DOES have to turn on the red light or Santa would crash his overloaded sleigh into a vacant field where no one would hear his cries for help. Also, speaking of Rudolph, the good folks of Richmond, Virginia murdered him. (BuzzFeed, BuzzFeed)