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Sex With Snooki Is Like “Making Love To A Meatball”

Screen Junkies and I both hate ‘Jersey Shore’ stories and cast members, but we love funny new pieces more than we hate’Jersey Shore‘ stuff, so this piece gets to see the light of day. Thanks for your understanding here, readers. 

When interviewed by Wendy Williams (huge “get” for Wendy, by the way), Jersey Shore star Vinny “Italian last name unimportant” answered Wendy’s question “How was Snooki in bed?” with “Umm, you ever have sex with a meatball?”

Unfortunately, everyone took Vinny’s question in response to be rhetorical. Except for Wendy. She answers the question with a resounding “no.” Apparently, she felt the need to explicitly state that she has not had sex with a meatball. I don’t believe her for one second that she hasn’t had sex with a meatball, but I will respect her privacy.

As for Snooki feeling like a big ole’ meatball in the sack, yeah, we kinda figured, but it’s nice to get it confirmed. What’s more surprising is that this guy doesn’t come across as a total dipshit on the show. Simply mind-blowing.

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