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‘Hysteria’ Trailer: See What All The Buzz Is About

7 photosFelicity Jones

Hysteria stars Hugh Dancy, Rupert Everett, and Jonathan Pryce as three doctors tasked with duty of getting Maggie Gyllenhaal off. They really could have saved some time had they just asked James Spader.

Set in Victorian-era London, these doctors set out to develop a remedy for hysteria — a condition that causes women to go all cuckoo-bananas. In the process, they accidentally invent the vibrator. For the most part it seems like a comedy for old people who read The New York Times, but you never know. It seems original, probably features an orgasming Felicity Jones, and has a solid cast. Though this trailer isn’t particularly funny, we’ll hold judgment. With movies like this, it all depends on the climax.

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