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Hump Day Link Dump: Now With Crazy Cosby

It’s not totally clear what the hell he’s talking about in this clip, but one this is for sure. Bill Cosby is almost 400 years younger then John McCain. Put that on your shuffleboard court and shove it.

Everyone knows how dark and mysterious the masked crusader is, but who would have known how much of a douch the man of steel is. (College Humor)

The man behind SNL, Lorne Michaels discusses just how he was able to land VP hopeful "cough" Sarah Palin on last week’s show. (EW)

Remakes are all the rage these days, especially remakes of films from the 80’s. This remake though is a bit of a head scratcher.  Kevin Bacon gives his blessing to the Foot Loose remake.  Really?  Foot Loose? A movie about a town who has a strict anti-dance policy in 2008? Is that still a problem? (The Hollywood News)

The Dead Walk….in Austin, TX.  Hordes of the living dead storm the Texas State Capital in search of…equal rights? (Myspace)

Tina Faye discusses the secrets of her success portraying Sarah Palin on SNL. (MSNBC)

The Soup’s clip of the week. (E!)

Remembered to register to vote? Check! Remembered to grab voter registration card? Check! Remembered to make that a double whiskey and coke? CHECK! (236)

New Watchmen Teaser Poster.  Comic book fans’ pants just got a little tighter. (Empire)

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