'Human Centipede 2' Teaser: Meet The New Creep

Is that the kid from 'The Sandlot'? Here's our first official, non-Australian look at The Human Centipede 2 from director Tom Six. Looks like we've got a new creep running around with a penchant for sewing and bum-bums. You might be asking yourself,  "How can two psychopaths have the same vision of a multi-legged butt monster?" Well, the answer is here. The new psycho, Dr. Butt-Monster, is actually an everyday crazy guy who saw the first film and decided to try it out in real life. Makes sense to me. Also, kudos on casting another eery-looking actor who will ruin my sleep patterns. I'm pretty sure that's the kid from The Sandlot. Child actors, man. They can't be trusted.