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Howard Stern, David Letterman Bash Jay Leno Yet Again (It Never Gets Old)

Howard Stern went on Late Night with David Letterman last night and did what he does best. No. He didn’t force Paul Schaffer to fart the melody of an LMFAO song. Instead, he stirred up the age old battle between Letterman and Jay Leno.

Stern told Letterman that NBC brass have tried to force the new America’s Got Talent judge to promote the program on The Tonight Show, but Stern refused, saying, “I’m a Letterman guy.” He then revealed that he didn’t realize the Late Night Wars had ended with Dave calling off any future salvos. Except, of course, for Letterman commenting that if he found out Leno had won a People’s Choice award, it would be “like hearing Manson has been paroled.”

So, war back on? (USA Today)

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