'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' Has Given Us A New Red-Band Trailer At Comic-Con

They exploit the future for personal gain, which is probably pretty realistic. In case you thought you were going to have to go through life with only film about a jacuzzi that breaks the space-time continuum, think again. At Comic-Con the producers of the film unveiled their newest red-band trailer, and, because we live in the information age, that means that 18 seconds later, it's available online for every person that wasn't able to to make it down to sunny San Diego. It looks...good. As good as the first one. As bad as the first one? It's a move about a time machine that takes people to the 1980s and is a hot tub, so you should know if you're going to like it or not just based on that description. Ladies and gentlemen, it's with great awe and wonder that I present to you, Hot Tub Time Machine 2.

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Against All Odds, The Trailer For 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' Looks Very, Very Funny

The joke might be old, but it can still be funny. Hot Tub Time Machine, when it first came out, read like one of those one-note Snakes on a Plane gimmicks that would be good for a laugh, then forgettable. So going back to the well for a sequel sounded ominous. Happy to report that, upon seeing the trailer for this sequel, I was wrong... DEAD wrong. (Not really. Just regular wrong.) The sequel fulfills an urge we always have with time-travel movies: To see the protagonists use the mechanism for crazy personal gain. It's perhaps the only highlight of Back to the Future 2, aside from Hoverboards, and this movie seems dedicated to that idea.We shared a different trailer back at Comic-Con, but this one seems to give a better snapshot of the film. We then go into the future with these guys, only to see that things hadn't worked out as they'd hoped. So they time-travel around trying to fix what went wrong. Oh, and it's got Adam Scott.


Nerd Bodies Hit The Floor In 'Nerd Machine: Trailer Park Heroes Part One'

Hot chicks, blood, and violence. Just in time for Comic-Con. When Comic-Con nerds go totally crazy and begin eating people, there's only one group that can stop them -- Joel David Moore, Aly Michalka, Jason Biggs, and the cast of Chuck. That's the premise behind Nerd Machine's Trailer Park Heroes, which blends gore, Shaun of the Dead-style gallows humor, aly Michalka's tight stomach muscles, and Jason Bigg's fighting Wolverine. It's the horror-comedy that Comic-Con has been waiting for. Stay tuned for more installments...


'Joe Dirt 2' Involves Time Travel

I'm not 100% this movie is scientifically-accurate. While we were all asking why a second Joe Dirt movie was being made, we forgot to ask what it was about. In this trailer, it's revealed that the Redneck Johnny Appleseed accidentally travels back to the 1960's after being sucked up in a tornado. Pretty ridiculous but somehow more accurate than the Hot Tub Time Machines. Would it be possible to make everyone involved give back the money they were paid to do this?


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The Future Is Model Hot In New 'In Time' Trailer

On the one hand, it's a dystopia. On the other, meeee-ooowwwww. [post-album postid="217664" item="6"]Everyone seems to be looking forward to In Time and here's another trailer to whet your appetite. In the future, science has stopped the gene for aging. However, you don't live past twenty-five years old unless you're able to earn more time as it has become the chief currency. Which means that the wealthy can live forever and the poor work until they die. Fuck that shit. I'm moving to Future Canada. In Time stars Justin Timberlake as a man on the run after he inherits a century. Amanda Seyfried, Olivia Wilde, Cillian Murphy, Vincent Kartheiser, and Alex Pettyfer are also on hand to eternally attractive.


Chris Rock Is A Machine Gun Sprayin' Bear In 'Top Five' Trailer

Hammy Time! In Top Five, Chris Rock's character just wants to be funny again. It looks like he's got his wish. Here he stars as a former standup turned movie star thanks to the outrageously successful Hammy The Bear series of action films. Despite his fame, fortune, and hanger-on reality star wife, Rock's character feels disconnected but finds himself being reinvigorated when Rosario Dawson's TIME reporter shadows him for a cover story and helps him rediscover his roots. And also admit that LL Cool J is almost as good as Biggie. Now that's funny. The movie was a huge hit at TIFF last month, and was snatched up by Paramount for seven figures in a bidding war. The film opens in December and we'll hopefully get a Hammy the Bear spin-off in 2016. Luis Guzman could use a hit.