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‘Hop’ Teaser Will Make You Want To Play Rock Band

There’s a new anthropomorphic, animated animal that we’re to believe is wildly outrageous due to his drum skills and choice to wear a shirt but no pants. As if partial public nudity weren’t exxxtreme enough, the rabbit is also voiced by Russell Brand. So, get ready for some carrot jokes. They’ll probably go something like this, “I’ve got a carrot. (pause) But not the type you’re thinking of!” And then the skin-bags on “The View” will queef in unison.

But anyway, here we have our first look at Hop in the form of a teaser trailer. From the creators of Despicable Me, it’s pretty much a rabbit playing Blur’s “Song #2″ on the drums, though he seems to be having difficulties maintaining the beat or riding the hi-hat properly. That’s why I only recruited raccoons to join my band. Let’s show ‘em, Wookie and the Bandits! (Moviefone)

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