'Hop' Poops Out New Trailer Along With Jelly Beans

I don't necessarily think Universal's 'Hop' looks 'Smurfs' bad, but the Russell Brand CG toon seems like stale old mini-Snickers. Anyone else see this formula as a standard template for many CG animated movies? Everybody knows that Easter Bunnies are supposed to deliver candy, but what if one Easter Bunny... played in a rock band? Everybody knows that pandas are supposed to be fat and slow, but what if one panda... became a kung-fu master? Everybody knows that super-villains are supposed to be evil, but what if one super-villian... became a loving father of three adopted children? Everybody knows that bees are supposed to make honey, but what if one bee... sued the entire human race in a court of law? That last one is actually what happens in Bee Movie. Yup, I saw Bee Movie, and that totally happens. Anyway, I don't necessarily think Universal's Hop looks Smurfs bad, but it also seems like stale old mini-Snickers at this point. The Russell Brand voiced cartoon/live action mix will be in theaters April 1st to cash in on families who can't get enough of that sweet, sweet Easter. (Deadline)