"Honey Boo Boo" Reads Christopher Walken Quotes

We reverse engineered last week's show. The results are horrifying. We decided to reverse engineer last week's show in which Christopher Walken read "Honey Boo Boo" quotes by having "Honey Boo Boo" read Christopher Walken quotes. The results are horrifying. Enjoy!

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Boo Boo Assassinates Yogi Like a Boss

In this alleged alternate ending to Yogi Bear, America’s favorite forest-dwelling picnic enthusiast is recast in the form of a troubled outlaw with a hankering for sweet, sweet death. Few things represent a more perfect blend of morbidity, humor, and the corruption of one’s childhood memories than watching cartoon characters kill each other. In this alleged alternate ending to Yogi Bear, America’s favorite forest-dwelling picnic enthusiast is recast in the form of a troubled outlaw with a hankering for sweet, sweet death. Young Boo Boo, the Robert Ford to Yogi’s Jesse James, is there to deliver Yogi unto his maker. In case you’re behind on your westerns, the clip is a parody of the acclaimed 2007 film The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. And while comedia Paul Scheer is telling everyone that this is a genuine alternate ending to Yogi Bear, in reality the parody is the work of rogue animator Edmund Earle, whose name appears at the end of the clip. Bravo, Mr. Earle. Now make Tangled a story about a girl dealing with teenage pregnancy. (SlashFilm)


Christopher Walken's Face Though: 'Peter Pan Live!' First Look

A glimpse into Johnny Depp's future. Today we are greeted to by NBC to a first look at their upcoming musical event, Peter Pan Live! Allison Williams confuses America's penises with her portrayal of Peter Pan, while Christopher Walken's eyes can't hide a shame Johnny Depp doesn't possess as he is made to stare into a camera lens while decked out in full Captain Hook garb. Last year, NBC was pleasantly surprised when their similar production, Sound of Music Live!, unexpectedly dominated in the ratings and set social media ablaze. I anticipate that Peter Pan Live! will receive an even better response. Who wouldn't want to tweet about Christopher Walken being eaten by a crocodile? This is NBC's Sharknado.


Screen Junkies Show: Game of Thrones Kids' Books With Bran Stark!

Westeros needs bedtime stories too, so we recruited Isaac Hempstead Wright to help us come up with some Game of Thrones-themed kids' books in honor of Isaac's role in The Boxtrolls! Westeros needs bedtime stories too, so we recruited Bran Stark himself, Isaac Hempstead Wright, to help us come up with some Game of Thrones-themed kids' books in honor of Isaac's role in The Boxtrolls!! Plus, actress/comedian Milana Vayntrub is in the house! Become a Screen Junkie! ?? http://bit.ly/sjsubscr Watch more Screen Junkies Show ?? http://bit.ly/SJSPlaylist


60 Years In The Making: 'The Honeymoaners'

If only my grandma could have lived to see this. A few weeks back, I complained about the trailer for The Graduate XXX porn parody, claiming that the adult entertainment industry had officially run out of parody ideas. Well, perhaps I was a little too quick to judge, because we now have The Honeymoaners, a parody of the beloved 50's sitcom, The Honeymooners. I'm not sure a lot of 18-to-25-year-old guys (OK, let's be honest, 12-to-25-year-old guys) even know about The Honeymooners, which calls into question why anyone would parody it. But that fact aside, at least The Honeymooners lends itself to a funny name, and that's all a successful porn parody really needs! Well, that and some hot chicks, I suppose. This film even works in a porn parody of a classic 50's game show (The $69,000 question). Now that's dedication. In “The Honeymoaners,” Ralph Kramden, everybody’s favorite loveable loser, finally gets his chance to change his luck as a contestant on the television quiz show, "The $69,000 Question.” After overhearing the category of questions to test his knowledge, Ralph turns to his best friend Norton to teach him everything he knows about SEX! Together the boisterous big guy and sex-witted sidekick study their local horny hookers, slutty neighbor, and even their wild wives, Alice and Trixie. Ralph may finally hit the jackpot… or he may be left holding his own buzzer. I can't believe they didn't make a "pow, right the kisser joke," but I guess Family Guy beat them to it.


Boot Knockin', Werewolf Fights, And Bad Burritos In 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 1' Trailer

Bella learns the consequences of buying hot meals at the gas station. It's every young husband's nightmare -- after getting your wife pregnant during the honeymoon, your super-genes cause the baby to grow at a rapid rate and it is born within a matter of days, thus killing the mom. C'mon guys, we've all thought about it. That's exactly what happens to Robert Pattinson in the new trailer for Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 1. Also, looks like we get a rumble between vampires and werewolves. If you're into the imagery of gaunt art school students suplexing over-sized wolves, you'd better get yourself a ticket, because this is the movie for you.


Put Down That Book. It's 'The Hobbit' Trailer

This unexpected journey has everything you'd expect. Nerds were dealt a blow earlier this week when they got their first look at RoboCop's rebooted body. They've suffered enough. Here as a reward for their hardships, is the full trailer for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. It's got all of the things Tolkien fans like. Short people, weird magic, mountains, pointy hats, pointy ears, caves, hard to pronounce words, men gazing forlornly at one another, and crumbling walkways and bridges. Oh man, does it ever have crumbling walkways and bridges.