Honest Trailers: 'World War Z'

Nice scarf, Brad Pitt. Zombies are everywhere. Movies, television, books, and video games. But there's only one zombie movie that stars Brad Pitt. We've got World War Z in our sights and we're aiming for the head as we point out the convenient coincidences that help Brad Pitt survive an unsurvivable apocalypse. Also, his scarves. Just give the scarves a rest.

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Catch The Trailer For The Next Brad Pitt WWII Film, 'Fury'

Finally, someone is making a movie about WWII! Brad Pitt, like so many other men approaching 50, seems to be really getting into World War II. A few years back, he starred in Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds, and now he's taking the lead in the less-ensembly Fury. Fury is written and directed by David Ayer, who has experience with similar heavy fare like Training Day, End of Watch, and Harsh Times so this should fall in his wheelhouse, save for the fact that there are no cops. Nonetheless, Brad Pitt normally has a good eye for projects, and this has all the trappings of a pretty strong film. Take a look at how the greatest generation lived.


Brad Pitt Wants His Son To Hit Him As Hard As He Can

No wonder Sean Penn turned out so messed up. The marketing wizards behind Terrence Malick's Tree of Life (premiering soon at Cannes) certainly know how to build buzz. Step one: Make a movie that is in all likelihood a cinematic masterpiece. Step two: Take a really long time to do so. Step three: Release images from the movie that contain dinosaurs. Step four: Release a clip of Brad Pitt getting his "Boy Fights" on. As you may have guessed, this clip pertains to step four. It's a good clip, although it lacks the visual resplendosity (my word) of the trailer - it's basically just a disturbingly realistic depiction of a borderline-abusive father played by Brad Pitt bullying his son, who presumably grows up to be Sean Penn. Or maybe he grows up to be Terrence Malick? (Huffington Post)


'World War Z' Official Trailer Will (Metaphorically) Eat Your Brains

Spoiler: It's not like the book. Diehard fans of World War Z (the book) got all up in arms when they found that the "oral history" aspect of the book was being forsaken because it would have cost a metric shitload of money to produce twenty-odd vignettes around the world. It understandable that a movie studio would diminish the breadth of scope of the novel and focus it a little more for the purposes of narrative and cost. However, this trailer shows that the film became more or less the story of Brad Pitt's character and his family, and looks sort of like Outbreak meets Independence Day. It's a departure, and seems to nullify what made the book so special, but the film still looks good, though in a much more conventional way. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read the book. It's terrific, and is an amazing narrative and story, regardless of whether or not you give a damn about zombies.


'Warhorsey' Is Just Like 'War Horse', But With Poop

Now THIS could sweep the BAFTAs. If I've had one criticism with filmmaking of late, it's that you never see characters go the bathroom. Seriously, you think Ethan Hunt can dangle off the world's tallest building without essing his underpees? I doubt it, considering the amount of running around he does. I mean, he's well-trained, but not that well-trained. The guys at FilmDunk/Frotcast also take issue with that decided lack of realism, and so a fan has heard their call and cut together this trailer for Warhorsey, the horse that poops. It's a more realistic approach to War Horse and solves the issue of what happens after Joey eats all that hay. Too bad that the original release didn't handle this subject matter. Would have swept the BAFTAs, I bet. Now this is more like it. Now get to work on a Ghost Protocol recut with a turd streaking down glass. (FilmDrunk)


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Pitt Out To Prove There Can Be Math, And Crying, In Baseball

Things get emotional in the 'Moneyball' trailer. Sony has dropped the trailer for Bennett Miller's Moneyball. Based on the book by Michael Lewis, Brad Pitt plays Billy Beane, who, with the help on Paul De Podesta (Jonah Hill), used fancy mathematics to help the Oakland A's not suck. Philip Seymour Hoffman makes an appearance in the trailer as A's coach Art Howe, but he doesn't say a damn thing. Was Art Howe a mute, or did he just employ a controversial coaching method? The film looks like it has all the makings of a sports underdog story. There is laughter, tears, guys being chummy, chairs being thrown, and a slow-motion home run hit. Pitt handles all of these things well, except the homer. He leaves that to the guys with less attractive features.


Don't Tread On The Full 'War Horse' Trailer

Jeez. Dude really loves that horse. Though we aren't shown any imagery of horses firing weapons at one another, the full-length War Horse trailer looks pretty good. The Steven Spielberg film tells the story of Joey, a horse purchased for World War I combat, and his owner as he joins the war in an effort to reclaim his horse. What the hell? I don't understand. Did the animal eat something that was important to him? Why is he so attached to that thing? Somebody's got to teach that kid how commerce works. We can find out for sure when the film is released on Christmas Day.