Honest Trailers: 'Titanic 3D'

Save yourself three hours and just watch this honest trailer... Remember that stupid movie about a boat you hated back in 1997? Well it's back, and this time, it's in 3D. Somehow, this actually makes Phantom Menace 3D make sense by comparison. Rather than shelling out $20 to fund James Cameron's next submarine adventure, we suggest you just watch the Screen Junkies honest trailer, and see what Titanic 3D is all about without wasting another 3.5 hours of your life.

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Honest Trailer: 'Phantom Menace 3D'

"Yousa thinkin' people ganna watch this crap?" This past weekend, Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace was re-released in theaters. Sure, it's the same awful movie that premiered 12 years ago and tarnished one of the most beloved film franchises in history, but this time, it's in 3D! For me, watching a Gungan minstrel show is bad enough in two dimensions. But apparently for some people, an added dimension is a game changer, since George "Han Never Shot First" Lucas just made another $23,000,000. Check Out 8 Things From 'Star Wars' More Unethical Than Han Shooting First The fact that people actually paid to see this crap, most likely for a second time, is almost too much to comprehend. So in the interest of warning the public at large to avoid this sh*t show at all costs, we've created an honest movie trailer for Phantom Menace 3D. Will it help? Probably not. But at least we'll go to our graves knowing we did our part. Click the Image Below To See 45 Fan-Made Tributes To The ‘Star Wars’ AT-AT Walker


'Turbo Kid' Gives Us An 80s-Style Family Adventure Set In 1997

But how will he text people without a cell phone? Amid the much-hyped summer movie deluge, we've got a fun, modest family movie that's introducing itself to the world. Turbo Kid is the story of a boy (orphaned, natch) who goes on a quest to save his female robot friend from a power-hungry warlord. Sounds pretty weird, right? It's the work of three (!) directors, François Simard, Annouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell, who are hoping to take audiences back to the types of family adventure films we saw in the 80s like Goonies, The Last Starfighter, and Time Bandits. Check out the trailer and see if they hit their mark.


'Submarine' Trailer Breaks Hearts, Lifts Spirits, Changes Lives

Writer/Director Richard Ayoade, best know as Moss from the UK sitcom "The IT Crowd," has put together a first feature that looks pretty fantastic. No Hyperbole! Okay, well, maybe a little. Writer/Director Richard Ayoade, best know as Moss from the British Channel 4 sitcom "The IT Crowd," has put together a first feature that looks pretty fantastic. If the trailer is any indication, Submarine should have film lovers, cinema majors, and quirky, multi-colored font enthusiasts jumping for joy. The film, about a 15 year old boy coming of age amidst first love and divorced parents, features original music by Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, and is executive produced by Ben Stiller.


'Submarine' Trailer Gives A Heaping Portion Of British Indie

It's quirky, but it doesn't aggravate my gag reflex. I've never been so confused. It's easy to dismiss the trailer for Submarine as Britain's pass at quirky-for-the-sake-of-quirky indie cinema (I did the first time I watched the trailer), but the trailer seems to have all the hallmarks of indie cinema with none of the derivation. It reads like an About a Boy sequel, with all the sentiment coming from the likes of a Nick Hornby, rather than a Zach Braff or Diablo Cody. The Shins won't change your life in Submarine, and Michael Cera is nowhere to be found (possibly off somewhere making pop-pop). So peep Submarine and watch a weird British kid pursue love as awkwardly as British people do everything else.


This 'Saw 3D' Trailer Will Murder You

Pigman abductions will sky rocket. The new trailer for Saw 3D makes a point of letting you know the film is in 3D. It's reminicent of a teaser for a theme park ride rather than a movie. There are a few gullible folks out in the world who might expect that saw blades will shoot out at their faces during the showing, and they're going to be sorely disappointed when that doesn't happen. Note: if you're looking for suicide by movie DO NOT count on Saw 3D. Check out the trailer after the jump... New'SAW 3D' Trailer: The Traps Come Alive!! - Watch more horror


'Texas Chainsaw 3D' Trailer: Leatherface Has A Hot Cousin

But don't tell him that. Ignore all of those other massacres you've seen take place in Texas via chainsaw after the original. THIS is the only Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel you need to worry about from a story perspective. The plot is simple: a large-boobed girl discovers she has a long-lost grandmother who has left her a mystery inheritance. So, she and her scantily-clad friends head to Texas to pick it up. But rather then riches or cool artwork, the inheritance is Leatherface. You can probably guess where the plot goes from there. Note: it goes in a radically different direction than Rain Man does.


'Born to be Wild 3D' Trailer Features Cute Animals, Morgan Freeman

Only one thing could be better than cute baby animals frolicking around in 3D. And that’s cute baby animals frolicking around in 3D as narrated by Mr. Morgan Freeman! Only one thing could be better than cute baby animals frolicking around in 3D. And that's cute baby animals frolicking around in 3D as narrated by Mr. Morgan Freeman! Luckily, that's just what Born to be Wild 3D provides. The film tells the story of orphaned animals who have been rescued by humans, and follows their journey to return to the wild. While the movie is sure to provide an inspiring message of conservation and environmental stewardship, that's not why you're here. You want to see a bunch of stupid monkeys, preferably, monkeys who are throwing poop at each other! Well, the trailer has the monkeys covered. As for the poop throwing, I guess we'll just have to wait for the actual film.