Honest Trailers: 'Inception'

You really shouldn't need us to point out the sh*ttiness of 'Inception'. You asked for it, we ignored it, then you asked 400 more times, and we listened. I guess dreams really do come true, unless they're in this movie - in which case we'll never f***ing know.

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Proving Kickstarter Dreams Do Come True, Here's The 'Veronica Mars' Trailer

Here she is in all five feet of her majesty. If you're not plugged in to the Veronica Mars world, this 4-minute teaser trailer might not have a whole lot of significance for you. "There's someone named Piz?" "Where's Neptune?" etc. But if you ARE a fan, whoa doggie. This is a pretty big deal. I'm not sure how, but you probably paid like $20 to see this film get made, then will need to spend another $20 when it hits theaters. Veronica Mars will make you poor, fans.


Look At These F&^%ing Hipster Vampires In 'Only Lovers Left Alive' Trailer

They must love My Bloody Valentine. You'd think this would have happened sooner given the popularity of vampires and hipsters over the past few years, but obviously it takes the talent of somebody like Jim Jarmusch to pull off hipster vampires. Or vampire hipsters. They don't really believe in labels. Only Lovers Left Alive stars Tilda Swinton and Loki as incredibly cultured and super emotionally detached pale vampires who were listening to Shubert in the early 1800's. That's like nearly 150 years before you had heard of him.


Honest Trailers - X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The Wolverine is coming out next weekend, and while it looks better than Wolverine- Origins, so do most types of skin rash. We revisit the massive letdown that ruined the most badass member of the X-Men. We'll be uploading new HONEST TRAILERS every other Tuesday! (And 'Supercuts / MashUps' in between weeks) And new episodes of the ScreenJunkies Show every Thursday! So make sure to SUBSCRIBE!! Got a tip? Email us at - tips@screenjunkies.com Like us on Facebook - http-//www.fb.com/screenjunkies Follow us on twitter - http-//www.twitter.com/screenjunkies You can find all our Screen Junkies t-shirts here- http-//screenjunkies.spreadshirt.com/ Honest Trailers- X-Men Origins- Wolverine Directed by Andy Signore Executive Producer Mitch Rotter Series Created by Andy Signore & Brett Weiner Episode Written by Spencer Gilbert, Ian Weinreich, Phil Rogers, Jason Pickar, Dan Murrell and Andy Signore Edited by Dan Murrell Voiceover Narration by Jon http-//youtube.com/jon3pnt0 As always let us know in the comments what movie you wanna see next! And check out our previous Honest Trailers- Honest Trailers- GROWN UPS http-//youtu.be/zcFOthNlCtg Honest Trailers- INDEPENDENCE DAY http-//youtu.be/7YtvsxB9xQY Honest Trailers- THE LAST AIRBENDER http-//youtu.be/H3VnQE3qXHE Honest Trailers- FAST FIVE http-//youtu.be/MOTk1Gi5zoA Honest Trailers- STAR TREK (2009) http-//youtu.be/OTfBH-XFdSc Honest Trailers- IRON MAN 2 http-//youtu.be/uKCF63Ux4x8 Honest Trailers- HARRY POTTER http-//youtu.be/kL1aqfnIr2Y Honest Trailers- JURASSIC PARK http-//youtu.be/sgjDSfbB2ok Honest Trailers- LES MISERABLES http-//youtu.be/IBYfA3zTxFE Honest Trailers- TWILIGHT- BREAKING DAWN http-//youtu.be/yvo5_Zi-Yxs Honest Trailers- THE NOTEBOOK http-//youtu.be/6Gv-AMiofEI Honest Trailers- SKYFALL http-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FWfg__wKSY Honest Trailers- INDIANA JONES & THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL http-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFKu_bwMoYE Honest Trailers- INCEPTION http-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BfMivMDOBI Honest Trailers- THE LORD OF THE RINGS http-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOIi9SjJvgU Honest Trailers- THE DARK KNIGHT RISES http-//youtu.be/WQJuGeqdbn4 Honest Trailers- THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN http-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2KSPiTOMR8 Honest Trailers- PARANORMAL ACTIVITY http-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdZW2b0FzPc Honest Trailers- PROMETHEUS http-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBaKqOMGPWc Honest Trailers- THE AVENGERS http-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDajL441mZc Honest Trailers-


'Friends With Benefits' Red Band: More Casual F***ing

Can this different set of best friends also be sex friends??? [post-album postid="217572" item="1"]You know the drill by now. Characters who don't talk or act like real people decide that they're tired of relationships give casual boning a try. But wait a minute? What if they end IN a relationship with EACH OTHER? Man, they'll be eating crow if that happens. And Emma Stone asks Justin Timberlake to shit on her face. I'm sure he gets that all the time.


We've Got The Trailer For Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' Starring Matthew McConaughey

It's not a Christopher Nolan film if you understand what's going on. Christopher Nolan's next outing will likely be just as high-profile as his most recent ones. Interstellar, a space thriller that will supposedly screw with heads the same way Inception did, has a typically all-star cast including Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and Jessica Chastain. The film will focus on a weary old pilot who is called back into duty for a trip to space. From there, things get predictably hairy, though it's not exactly clear how. Christopher Nolan is pretty overt about "borrowing" from Kubrick in the film, which is also no surprise. It would be bigger news if a director didn't borrow from Kubrick in a space film. Interstellar, as the trailer states, hits theaters in November.


Honest Trailers: 'Twilight'

If trailers were accurate... In honor of the Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 trailer, which I'm sure you're really excited about, we decided to revisit the roots of the series with our own honest trailer for Twilight. And just like the real deal, it's got everything you've come to know and love about the series: the incessant voiceovers, the prolonged staring, the statutory rape, etc., etc. Plus, it points out Bella's inability to pour ketchup, which I was unaware of. If there's a tween-age girl you're looking to piss off, be sure and forward her this trailer...unless of course there's a court order that prevents you from doing so, in which case, don't worry about it.