Honest Trailers: 'After Earth'

'Nepotism: The Movie' If you can't make fun of Will Smith and his weirdly-named kids, then who can you make fun of. After Earth is a sort-of post-apocalyptic survival film, but mostly it's just Will Smith holding up his child and saying, "Look at my beautiful bay-bee!" or the cinematic equivalent thereof. Time to take those two down a peg.

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Just The Two Of Us: Trailer For Will And Jaden Smith In Shyamalan's 'After Earth'

How bad do you want to punch this movie in the face? Not one to be beat at his post-apocalyptic game, Will Smith shows Tom Cruise that there's only one last man on Earth and that man is Will Smith. And if there were to be two last men on Earth, the number two position goes to Jaden Smith. From M. Night Shyamalan, After Earth tells the story of a father and son who crash land on a planet where everything has evolved to kill humans. As the older Smith's General Cypher Raige sits dying in the ship's cockpit, his son Kitai must venture into the strange world to recover the ship's rescue beacon, with only his swag to protect him. At least the marketing team stepped in and revealed the Shyamalan's obvious twist that the pair have crash-landed on Earth in the trailer. Now we're just left to wonder which Smith will awkwardly rap about the film's plot on the movie's soundtrack. To summarize, Jaden Smith is number two.


'Another Earth' Mostly Focuses On This Earth

It would appear that the NASA in this movie really sucks if they can't find a planet in our solar system. What if there was another Earth in our solar system? That's the question Another Earth addresses in a convoluted fashion. More specifically, the question Another Earth addresses is "What if there was another earth in our solar system and an angsty girl shot in soft light wrote a poem about it, then maybe killed Ethan from "Lost" in a car accident, then played Nintendo Wii with him on the other Earth?" What would you do then, huh? If you answered, "Be a little confused and frustrated that such a great concept is made to look so boring," then you are correct. This film appears as though it doesn't really depend on the whole "there are two Earths" notion, which seems like a waste of a good premise. It's possible the cool parts are hiding, but none came screaming out of Another Earth, the bastard lovechild of Contact and Girl, Interrupted.


Nic Cage Is One Of The Last Men On Earth In The Trailer For 'Left Behind'

I have always thought of Nicolas Cage as the quintessential Christian messenger. If the name of the film sounds vaguely familiar, you might remember Left Behind as a 16-part straight-to-DVD series that starred none other than Kirk Cameron. Also germane is the fact that it was a VERY Christian film about the rapture. Rapture entertainment is incredibly hot right now. The new, more theatrical, Nic Cage-starring version is also VERY Christian, considering it's got the same source material, but it's a little less heavy-handed with the pro-Christian messaging. And the production values are much higher, which makes it seem like less of a Christianity promo film. And it's got Nicolas Cage, who has been in a battle with the spirit of Jesus Christ in a holy war for humankind for 2,000 years. That last bit is just a theory I'm working on. It's up to Cage to disprove it. Here's the trailer. Hope you like it. When choosing a savior, the producers of the film strongly suggest you check the box marked "Jesus."


Comic-Con 2012: M. Night Shyamalan's 'After Earth' Promo Video

There's not any actual footage from the movie or any looks at the cast, but it's pretty cool. Although M. Night Shyamalan, Will Smith, and Jaden Smith were apparently too bush to make it to San Diego for Comic-Con this year, Sony still made an effort to get the word out about their upcoming collaboration After Earth. The panel consisted of a lot of behind the scenes footage and video interviews, including one where Shyamalan says he's taking a "documentary"-like approach to the material, about a far-off future Earth. There was also this promo video, which lays out the alternate history that will be explored in the movie. There's not any actual footage from the movie or any looks at the cast, but it's pretty cool. I'll go on the record and say this is the best Facebook-themed movie teaser since The Social Network. (The Playlist)


Can You Survive The Trailer For 'I Don’t Know How She Does It'?

How far can you make it through the trailer for Sarah Jessica Parker's latest? This isn't gonna be easy, guys. Above is the trailer for Sarah Jessica Parker's I Don't Know How She Does It. Watching this trailer requires you to subject yourself to the following: a Parker-style voice-over, a story about the difficulties of being a mom, a mammogram joke that involves Kelsey Grammer, and pretty much all the things that make movies targeted to women terrible. The question is: how far can you make it through the trailer before getting frustrated, bored or both? [post-album postid="15121" item="1"]Directed by Douglas McGrath, and based on a book by female British author (natch) Allison Pearson, the film is about a business woman who must attain balance between work and home life. "Is such a thing possible," all you middle aged female Screen Junkies readers are surely wondering to yourselves. You'll want to be first in line to see I Don't Know How She Does It on September 16, 2011 to find out. Also starring Pierce Brosnan, Greg Kinnear, Christina Hendricks Olivia Munn and Seth Meyers, so if Parker wasn't the lead, at least the cast would have interested me.


This Supercut Of Bruce Wayne's Parents Dying Over And Over Is Pretty Fun

OMG! Don't make me pick one. I love them all! Batman's been made and remade likely dozens of times in different iterations. Video games, cartoons, TV shows, and movies have all made a meal out of poor Bruce Wayne's suffering. And now it's our turn. supercut.html" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Vulture put together a supercut that allows us to enjoy every murder of Bruce's parents all at once. No more staggering them! Vulture understands how busy we are. And so do we. So, without further ado, kick back, and enjoy the many, many murders of Bruce Wayne's parents that drove him to a life of unfulfilling vigilanteism.


Jurassic World - Fun or Failure? - MOVIE FIGHTS!

Did Jurassic World live up to the hype (and record-breaking opening weekend), or was it the latest in a series of underwhelming Jurassic Park sequels? Guests Andy Signore (creator of Honest Trailers), Dan Murrell (Producer of Screen Junkies) and Mike Carlson (Actor/Comedian) debate the following topics with guest judge Spencer Gilbert (Writer of Honest Trailers) for the week of 6/12: 0:04:53  FIGHT 1 - Jurassic World - Fun or Failure 0:23:03  FIGHT 2 - Pitch the next Jurassic Park movie 0:41:09  FIGHT 3 - Best fourth film in a movie franchise 0:50:53  FIGHT 4 - Who should play Bullseye & Elektra on Daredevil? 1:00:51  FIGHT 5 - Best fake movie in a movie? 1:07:42  FIGHT 6 - Best movie poster of all time? 1:16:29  FIGHT 7 - SPEED ROUND Get Screen Junkies Gear!?? http://bit.ly/SJMerch Thanks to Squarespace for supporting Movie Fights. For a free trial and 10% off go to ?? http://Squarespace.com/moviefights