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High School Principal Suspended For Making Lame ‘Terminator’ Video

A high school principal in Everett, MA has come under fire after making an objectionable video and screening it for students. Shown during morning announcements, Erick Naumann is seen stalking the halls of the school as “The Naumannator.” Inter-cut with scenes from Terminator 2: Judgement Day of a burning playground and Linda Hamilton struggling to escape an armed assailant, the video is just awful. Especially now.

It was just all wrong. The only way this could have gone more poorly would be if he had dressed up as the Joker.

Roy Barrows, the school’s technology teacher who helped make the video, also received a two-day suspension. However, I’d argue that his sentence should be more severe. He’s supposed to be teaching kids this stuff. The lighting, the acting. Just terrible. And you call that editing?!?!? (

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