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Here’s Video Evidence Of ‘The Simpsons LEGO Spectacular’

Do you like LEGOs? Eh, sure. Everyone kinda likes LEGOs. Do you like The Simpsons? What’s that? “A little, you guess?” Perfect.

Then you’re gonna go absolutely f*cking apesh*t for THE SIMPSONS LEGO SPECTACULAR. It’s got Simpsons, it’s got LEGOs. It’s got other stuff, presumably as well.

Ok. This one’s a pretty tough sell given the overt desperation here, but the episode could be mildly interesting. Unfortunately, most of that mild interesting-ness is well-conveyed in the trailer. You’ve seen what Homer and Marge look like as LEGOs, and it’s not compelling enough to pull you away from your Sunday night dragons, dwarves, and whores over on HBO.

That’s ok. The Simpsons just wanted to remind you that they’re still out there, trying their best.


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