Here's The Trailer For The New HBO Series From Mike Judge, 'Silicon Valley'

Nerds with their glasses and their computers and their nerdiness. Next month, Mike Judge is bringing us an HBO series that takes a look at Silicon Valley not from the perspective of the trailblazers who brought about computing as we know it, but the kids from a generation and half later. The ones who are taking that spirit and asking themselves, "How can I leverage this for money and fame?" It's Mike Judge, so it's best to not ask any questions and just get your hopes up. The series will star Thomas Middleditch, Martin Starr, Josh Brener, and Kumail Nanjiani.

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Ride Along With MTV's Gory 'Death Valley'

Undead groups won't be happy about this police brutality. [post-album postid="215841" item="2"]With all these vampires, werewolves, and zombies invading television, it's only natural that someone would need to police them. And also punch them through the head. That's exactly what the stars of MTV's Death Valley do. The new scripted series takes a page out of the COPS handbook and sends a camera crew to ride along with the law officers of the San Fernando Valley. In this case, the San Fernando Valley has been overrun by a new minority for the past year -- monsters and the undead. This gory preview shows stars Tania Raymonde (Lost), Brian Callen (MADtv), and Caity Lotz (Mad Men) on the beat and it looks pretty intense. Looks pretty violent but still nowhere near as violent as that episode of COPS where the naked, bloody guy punched his way through a fence to escape. We can only assume that he was on his way to go kill Superman. (MTV)


Comic-Con 2011: Mike Judge Unveils New 'Beavis And Butt-Head' Footage

Beavis and Butt-Head are back, and somehow, they're now smarter than most shows on television.... For fans of Beavis And Butt-Head, there was much to rejoice about during day one of Comic-Con 2011. Well, for most fans, anyway. Unfortunately, this fan spent the entire panel waiting just outside the door, listening to everyone else laugh while I prayed for a few people to give up their seats. As with most of my desperate prayers, this one went unanswered, and I never gained entry. But my bad luck (a.k.a. poor planning) won't stop me from bringing you this clip from the new show. From the looks of it, the new version stays true to the original. By "stays true," I mean the two hapless teenagers are still laughing like morons and maiming each other. And sadly, culture has devolved even further than anticipated since the original show went off the air, which means that the duo now have plenty of new material to ridicule (i.e. Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, UFC matches, etc.). What a sad age we live in.


Honest Trailers - Magic Mike

Magic Mike XXL is grinding into theaters - so relive the steamy original full of drama, pathos, and...a little bit of stripping. Magic Mike XXL is grinding into theaters - so relive the steamy original full of drama, pathos, and...a little bit of stripping. Got a tip? Email us ? Follow us on Twitter ? Like us on Facebook ? Voiceover Narration by Jon: Title design by Robert Holtby Series Created by Andy Signore & Brett Weiner Written by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Erica Russell, and Andy Signore Edited by Anthony Falleroni and Dan Murrell


Mike Tyson Does Broadway In 'Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth' Trailer

It's like a MadTV sketch come to life. The line between Mike Tyson and Patti LuPone is blurred once again as Tyson scratches 'perform a one-man show on Broadway' off his bucket list. Jointicized by Spike Lee, Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth tells Tyson's story like we've never seen it before -- lucid and poised and with seemingly no tiger punching. Here Tyson tells the Broadway audience about his rough upbringing, his triumphs, his failures, and his lifelong friendship with Bald Bull. All in all, the Tyson depicted here is wizened and, in his own words, "domesticated." So, if you're hoping to see a huge penis waved around on the Great White Way, Book Of Mormon remains your best bet.


Netflix Offers A Trailer For Its First Original Series, 'Lilyhammer'

Fans of Silvio Dante from 'The Sopranos', this is for you. That's right, Lilyhammer. Netflix first (and admittedly, lowest profile when compared to House of Cards and Arrested Development) original series follows The Sopranos' Steven Van Zandt as a mobster (!) who enters the witness protection program in Lillehammer, Norway. Of course, we watch him as a fish out of water in both civil matters, and, presumably, watch him fall back into the Scandinavian underworld. The entire series will be released at once starting on February 6, so you can plow through the eight episode first season run with no waiting. Judging from the trailer, getting through the series should take me about eight hours. This show looks pretty damn good, with a Coen-brothers sensibility; a balance of drama, action, and comedy. Yay February!


Here's The Trailer For The New Christopher Guest HBO Series 'Family Tree'

Surprisingly endearing, by Christopher Guest standards. While it's got all the cast members of a Christopher Guest film, his foray into cable television appears to have more heart and plot than his mockumentary films do. That could be a good and bad thing, as a quirky, improvised TV show with no direction probably wouldn't be the most durable project (the good part), but replacing Guest's cracker-dry wit with some sappy music and a heartfelt family reunion is a little outside his fanbase's comfort zone (potentially bad). Nonetheless, it's HBO and Christopher Guest, so let's assume everything is going to be okay until we have more concrete cause for concern. Plus, if anyone can toe the line of funny and heartwarming, it's Chris O'Dowd.


HBO Gives Us 'Entourage But...Football' With The New 'Ballers' Trailer

In case you were wondering, pro athletes live lavishly and decadently, according to this trailer. HBO has been a little light on courting the bro market since the finale of Entourage, but rest easy: it's back in full force with Ballers, a 30-minute comedy series starring The Rock and Rob Corddry. The series follows current and retired NFL players as they get on boats, drive cars with scissor doors, and wear nice suits. So yeah, it's a lot like Entourage at first blush. It's even got Mark Wahlberg producing again. And it would seem that The Rock is playing the Piven character as a financial adviser who's still very much in the world of pro athletes. Here's the clip. A fun game is to count the number of fist bumps that take place in this trailer. I lost track at 1,561 and started to get a nosebleed. (Deadline)


Michael Mann Shares A Grizzled First Look At HBO’s ‘Luck’

It's fun to see all these accomplished actors dressed like the degenerates at the OTB. Luck - In Production - Watch more Funny Videos If you're a fan of HBO's "Deadwood" you have reason to open the peaches. Here's a first look at "Luck," the new HBO series from "Deadwood" writer David Milch and Heat director Michael Mann. The horse racing drama stars Dustin Hoffman as an organized crime kingpin with a penchant for kicking over tables, and Nick Nolte gets his twelfth shot at career redemption in the role of a broken-down Kentucky horse trainer given a second chance at redemption. Anyway, it looks great. Particularly the horse-racing scenes. The crew have found really inventive ways to get up in the action. Finally, we can feel the thrill of being a jockey without having to suffer the ridicule of being four-feet tall.