Here's 'The Change-Up' Trailer You Can Watch With The Whole Family

What this version of the trailer lacks in outright profanity, it more than makes up for in bodily functions. It's a little less tawdry than the original red-band trailer we showed you, but don't worry, there's still liquid poop flying in Jason Bateman's eyes and talk of the lovemaking positions "The Arsenio Hall" and "Arabian Goggles." The Change-Up will cause you to forget everything you ever knew about mind-transfer comedies, which, if you're born after 1985, shouldn't be too difficult. Beyond that, this trailer is pretty similar to the one from before. But don't dismiss it entirely. Let it serve as another reminder that you should never make wishes in front of unfamiliar statues. Because they might grant them. And then you might inherit your friend's body and life, neither of which are as good as Ryan Reynolds'. I promise you.