Here's That Three Year-Old 'Red Dawn' Remake Trailer. *Sighs* "Wolverines"

Now with 60% less political tension. Though the film was shelved for a while, then reshot because the Chinese objected to being portrayed as one-dimensionally, anonymously evil, but it may have worked out in the end for the producers of Red Dawn, due mostly to the fact that its cast got REALLY famous while the film was in limbo. Josh Peck, Josh Hutcherson, and the non-Josh Chris Hemsworth have found varying degrees of mainstream and indie success in the past three years. While most remakes are pandering and wildly uneecesary, this film seems like one that should be remade every 20 years or so, just to remind us that foreigners are evil and America's youth loves killing people.

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New 'Evil Dead' Red Band Trailer Is Here To Be Gross

Digest breakfast first. Like that one kid in study hall, the newest red band trailer for Fede Alvarez's remake of Evil Dead is here to be gross. This new look puts the first red band trailer to shame. Whereas last time we were treated to a girl slicing her tongue in half with a box cutter, we are now treated to her upping the ante by using that tongue on people. In addition, face-ripping, beheadings, beatings, blood pukes, and ol' reliable tree rape abound in this new look. All in all, this preview provides a better look at what sets this film apart from the original. The beats appear to be similar but the characters have been updated enough to breathe new life into the premise. But still, gross you guys.


'The Evil Dead' Remake Red-Band Trailer Is Here And It's Friggin' Gross

Right before lunch. Yesterday's tease should have prepared us, but I balked. And now that the trailer for The Evil Dead remake is here, I'm thinking of skipping lunch. If anything, it makes Cabin in the Woods all the more awesome. This being the dead serious take on the satire, it seems to follow the same beats as the first two acts of Cabin, only to leave us with the same question that film asked: why? Why do we watch this stuff? Especially right before lunch on National Food Day nonetheless. Get those tacos away from me!!


Josh Brolin Puts On Bandana To Talk 'Goonies 2' With Jimmy Fallon

Feldman keeps checking his phone to make sure it's getting service. Over the past few months, a few signs have pointed to the likelihood of seeing a Goonies 2 film before the original cast all become geriatric. Adding fuel to the fire was Josh Brolin, who appeared on Jimmy Fallon in his Goonies character's trademark bandana to talk about The Goonies anniversary, and the hopeful sequel. In keeping with Fallon's style it's all very fun and light-hearted, as a Goonies discussion should be. But it's also nice to see that an actor as successful (and serious) as Josh Brolin still has pride and a sense of humor about films he did much earlier in his career. Take a look and try not to get too much nostalgia on your face.


'Tucker And Dale Vs Evil' Red Band Makes Good On Promise

Not that you'd expect this movie to have a G-rated trailer. [post-album postid="205635" item="5"]Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil has been kicking around the festival scene and thanks to Comic-Con, it's now on many more radars. As far as horror send-ups go, it's got a pretty awesome premise. Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine star as two innocent hillbillies fixing up their cabin in the woods. A carload of college kids mistakes them for creepy killers, and through a series of misunderstandings, end up killing themselves while incriminating Tucker and Dale along the way. That is why I never go into the woods. It's too dangerous. That and the raccoons with their creepy little hands and what are they planning anyway???


Exclusive: The 'Wanderlust' Red Band Trailer Is Here

Watch it. Wanderlust, staring Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston, hits theaters Friday, February 24st. But, in order to hold you over until then, we've got the exclusive red band trailer, and it's literally got something for everybody. If for some reason you're not a fan of laughter, you'll still be able to enjoy the naked breasts and implied bestiality. And let's not forget the psychedelic drugs. See, something for everyone! The Judd Apatow produced film (directed by David Wain) tells the story of a couple from New York who flee the city in search of something more. What they end up finding is a commune full of promiscuous hippies. Compare that to what the travelers found in The Hills Have Eyes, and I think it's safe to say the Wanderlust characters really lucked out.


Honest Trailer: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Audiences went bananas over the latest film in cinema's wordiest-titled franchise, so relive this summer's blockbuster hit, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Or is it Rise? We can never remember. Audiences went bananas over the latest film in cinema's wordiest-titled franchise, so relive this summer's blockbuster hit, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Or is it Rise? We can never remember. Become a Screen Junkie! ?? Watch more Honest Trailers ?? Previously: Honest Trailers – Planet of the Apes (2001)


'Point Break' Remake Trailer Goes To Extremes

The only law that matters is GRAVITY. And now a trailer for a Point Break remake that isn't called The Fast and the Furious. In this update, the filmmakers decided to throw out the Presidents masks because it's really difficult to pilot a wingsuit in those things. Here The Best of Me's Luke Bracey stars as FBI agent/totally extreme athlete Johnny Utah, who has been tasked with infiltrating a gang of criminals/Mountain Dew commercial stars who are using their abilities to dirtbike and snowboard to "disrupt the international markets." Because that's a thing that could happen. Let's all be thankful that Shaun White and P!nk's husband have chosen to use their powers for good.