'Hell Baby' Red Band Trailer: Now With Bewbs

This thing looks more like a 'Harold & Kumar' movie everyday. Hell Baby is back with a new trailer. This time with less subtly and more boobs, swears, and weed jokes just in case you were worried that a movie that already looked borderline Scary Movie/Harold & Kumar wouldn't include those things. Horny stoners take note, the movie titled Hell Baby is well worth your while after all.

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'Reno 911!' Alums Bring Us 'Hell Baby'

It's high time exorcisms made us laugh. In case you were wondering, Hell Baby is a spoof. A comedy. So the only way you'll probably get the chills from this film is if it's SO FUNNY IT'S SCARY. Which is pretty unlikely. Hell Baby's cast includes Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer, Rob Corddry, Leslie Bibb, and, pleasantly enough, Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant as the priests charged with the exorcism. Though this is the first trailer, you won't have to wait that long, as the film hits iTunes on July 25th.


NPH Is Gay For That ***** In This 'A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas' Clip

NPH wouldn't do that... A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas is coming to Blu-ray on February 7th. In honor of the momentous occasion, we're rolling out this clip featuring everyone's favorite drug-abusing pseudo-gay sex-addict, Neil Patrick Harris. In this scene, NPH uses his homosexual cover story to lure a backup dancer into his dressing room. And since he's so non-threatening, what's the harm in some nude massage? After all, they're just a couple of girlfriends, right? At any rate, if you're anxious to see how this ends (hint: it ends poorly), go and pre-order the Blu-ray. Tell them Jame Gumb sent you, and receive absolutely no discount.


Links Away: A Very Redband Harold & Kumar Trailer

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Enough Killer Children To Swear You Off Of Parenthood Forever

Cold blooded murder has never been so adorable. To coincide with the release of Joe Wright's little-blonde-girl-assassin movie Hanna (in theaters now), Vulture put together a montage of disturbing child murderers! It's actually kind of hypnotic to watch, strangely enough. You'd think it'd make ovaries shrivel up and sperm start swimming the other way, but I don't know, it's kind of making me want to raise a little rugrat of my own. A little ball of joy to coddle and teach to ride a bike, and how to hold an icepick. It's all in the angle, you see. You raise that thing high enough above your head, and you've got a deadl weapon! Any lower and you're just going to maim. This heartwarming montage contains clips from Children Of The Corn all the way to Orphan. And if you're going to complain that Orphan isn't a good example, you're even more of a nerd than me, AND you just helped spoil the ending of a terrible movie. (Vulture)


W...T...F?: The 'Harold And Kumar Christmas' Trailer

There's a lot of stuff going on here. You best just take it all in and not ask any questions The trailer for A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas is here, and words fail me. Claymation, NPH, beer pong, spiked drinks, Santa assassinations, a Radio City Music hall spectacular, and, of course, penises getting stuck to frozen poles in the vein of A Christmas Story. There's really not much to discuss here, as the trailer consists of a full-fledged visual assault (which will undoubtedly be exacerbated by the fact that it's in 3D). If you're on the fence, I guess the only thing that I can share with you to help you make up your mind is when Neil Patrick Harris tells a girl who thought he was gay,"I am gay. Gay for that pussy." I know what my pickup line is for the rest of the fiscal year.


‘Hell On Wheels’ Gives AMC Its Own ‘Deadwood’

Revenge, Railroads, Native Americans: Yup. It's a Western all right. AMC is not content sitting on their goodwill for one second, choosing to forge ahead with original programming occupying every genre on God's green earth. Today's dispatch is from AMC's Department of Western Affairs - "Deadwood" Division. Premiering late this year, "Hell on Wheels" follows a Confederate soldier, played by Anson Mount, heading west to find the Union men who killed his wife. Who knew that revenge would play such a big theme in a Western? Oh. Everyone. Costarring in "Hell on Wheels" are Common, Dominique McElligott, Colm Meaney, Ben Esler, Philip Burke and Eddie Spears. Cause really, who could possibly imagine the Western frontier without Common? Draw your own conclusions from this trailer, but only after I give you mine. It looks 100% percent like AMC's version of "Deadwood." Which is by no means a bad thing, but also not as pleasantly surprising as "Walking Dead,""Breaking Bad," or"Mad Men." Much like I think of"Boardwalk Empire" on HBO, this show will probably turn out very well, but with few surprises. Anyway, that's my inference from 90 seconds of video. What thinks you?


Bernal and Hudson Turn 'Heaven' Into Hell

The trailer for A Little Bit of Heaven has just been released. It's exactly what you'd expect from a Kate Hudson movie, and nothing you would expect from a Gael Garcia Bernal film. The U.K. trailer for A Little Bit of Heaven has just been released. It's exactly what you'd expect from a Kate Hudson movie, and nothing you would expect from a Gael Garcia Bernal film. Which is a very, very bad thing. The plot of A Little Bit of Heaven is essentially, "Kate Hudson is a successful career woman who doesn't believe in love. But wait! Here come the romantic Bernal..." It appears from the trailer that using Bernal's charms to salvage this film is the equivalent of shooting a BB gun at a giggling, hackneyed freight train. There's a small chance that the film is not as derivative as it may seem, but that's just because any film that is able to snag Bernal, Kathy Bates, Whoopi Goldberg, Romany Malco, and Peter Dinklage can't be completely awful. Right? Right? The UK release date for A Little Bit of Heaven is February 4th. The US release is planned for later in the year, which explains why we're watching the UK trailer, which seems to be a perfect fit for American Kate Hudson fans too. Maybe Kate Hudson is a constant across nations and cultures. Or maybe there's just bad taste in every country.


First Trailer For Ben Affleck's Heist Movie 'The Town'

Miss New England 2008 Attractive women in New England are few and far between, so when you meet one you had better jump on it. It doesn't matter where you meet. The bar, the Market Basket, and the bank that you are currently robbing are all perfectly acceptable places to pick up a comely, young lass. And that's exactly what Ben Affleck does in the trailer for his second directorial effort The Town. In this daring sequel, Jeremy Renner plays Will Hunting and Affleck reprises his role as Chuckie, who are now bank robbers inexplicably (note to self: fact check this later). Chuckie meets Rebecca Hall during a robbery and develops an attraction to her, even though he's got Blake Lively at home in denim cut-offs. Then Don Draper shows up and is all Mr. FBI Guy and there are a few shoot-outs and Slipknot masks. All in all, it looks really good! I'll see it. WATCH A MOODY MEDITATION ON WHAT DRIVES ONE TO STEAL, AND ALSO BLAKE LIVELY IN DENIM CUT-OFFS AFTER THE JUMP...