Helen Mirren Shows Off the Merchandise in 'Love Ranch' Trailer

Pick a whore, any whore! The trailer for Taylor Hackford's Love Ranch has scratched, tickled, and hit the web. In it, Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci portray the real life couple that started the first legal brothel in Nevada. Needless to say, there are prostitutes in this film, gentlemen, and you better believe at some point Pesci teaches them some respect. Will it be Gina Gershon, Bai Ling, Scout Taylor-Compton, or Taryn Manning who is subject to the little man's wrath? Considering Manning has already done the whole "lady of the night thing" before in Hustle & Flow she's probably the most resilient. But don't get too cocky, Taryn. Pesci lays down pimp law a lot harder than Terrence Howard. I have the bruises to prove it. Check out the trailer after the jump. Love Ranch propositions its way into theaters June 30.

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Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren Take The Odd Contract In 'Red' Trailer

Robert Schwentke's film adaptation of the Warren Ellis graphic novel Red looks like The Losers recast for a CBS audience. It stars Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich (going full-Nugent), and Mary-Louise Parker as former CIA assassins forced into retirement. But old habits die hard and the boredom of retired life sets in, causing them to venture out on their own to murder-for-hire. And then when their old bosses try to have them killed, they reunite to take the fight to the CIA's front door. Why is the CIA always trying to kill its former employees? That hardly happens with any other profession. Better off safe than sorry though. That's why I've been systematically eliminating the customers from my boyhood paper route. That, and because of their ethnicities. HELEN MIRREN POPS A CAP AFTER THE JUMP...


Angels And Airwaves Take Emo Into Space With 'Love'

Angel's and Airwave's frontman Tom DeLonge has produced and scored a film with the Google-proof title of 'Love.' Angel's and Airwave's frontman Tom DeLonge (formerly of Blink-182 notoriety) has decided to take his sweeping emotional sensibility to film as producer and scorer of a film with the Google-proof title of Love. Love follows an astronaut named Lee Miller who, while on a solo mission, has to fight to maintain his sanity and save his own life. Based on that description alone, it's small wonder that the film is drawing comparisons to Moon, Solaris, and the benchmark fo the genre, 2001. While any cross-disciplanary dalliances by musicians into the film world are cause for skepticism, it appears that Love has a pretty compelling story to tell. The Angels and Airwaves score feels appropriate, and the fact that many of these sets were constructed in director William Eubank's backyard, makes the undertaking all the more impressive. It premieres shortly at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, and currently has no distributors. Based on the trailer and DeLonge's involvement, expect that latter circumstance to change pretty soon. All this from a guy who, not so long ago, instructed us to "Take off our pants and jacket." Welcome to adulthood, Tom.  (/Film)


'Win Win' Trailer Beats The Love Into You

Paul Giamatti stars as a schlub again, but this time wrestling is involved. Paul Giamatti stars as a schlub again, but this time wrestling is involved. With Win Win, director Tom McCarthy (The Visitor) "explores the depths and nuances of human relationships in a film about the allegiances and bonds between unlikely characters." Sounds like the stuff any decent movie should have. If you want to pack 'em in, mention more half-nelsons in the synopsis, Apple. Giamatti plays a down on his luck attorney and high school wrestling coach who finds star athlete potential in a drug addict's abandoned son. Cue the heart warming nuances. Now cue the junkie mother returning to eff up a good thing. Damn these depths and allegiances that are so thoroughly explored! You make me want to be a better man. Or exploit a kid who doesn't know any better.


'Love & Other Drugs' Trailer Makes Boner Pills Romantic

Deeeeeeeerp! Jack Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway star in Love & Other Drugs, a romantic comedy that isn't afraid to rom-com it up in every aspect possible. Gyllenhaal plays a charming Viagra salesman who tricks a free-spirited Hathaway into taking her shirt off. After she beats him with a suitcase, they go get a cup of coffee, and the rest is history. The cheeseball lines, the music, the sappy on-screen text, the emotionally distant male protagonist whose resolve is broken by the emotionally distant female protagonist -- it's got it all. Why couldn't their casual arrangement of sex with no strings attached just have remained casual?! Because love got in the way, Silly. Ed Zwick, who has been taking on period pieces such as The Last Samurai and Defiance as of late, directed the film, which I suppose could still be considered a period piece, meaning you have to be able to have one in order to think it looks good. Love & Other Drugs hits theaters November 24th. Check out the trailer after the jump... Love and Other Drugs Trailer - Watch more Movie Trailers


How Hollywood Says 'I Love You'

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‘Crazy Stupid Love’ Looks Neither Crazy Nor Stupid

A romantic comedy that doesn't immediately look like garbage? I was as surprised as you are. The new ensemble romantic comedy Crazy Stupid Love has a shiny new trailer, and it looks better than the usual crop of mid-to-upper level romcoms. Steve Carell heads a top notch cast including Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Kevin Bacon, and Marisa Tomei. The film appears to be about a recently divorced/separated man (Carrel) who gets a bit of a "Hitch" treatment from younger, suaver, and all around alpha-er male Ryan Gosling. Oh, and then Emma Stone shows up and I got all distracted and couldn't focus on anything else that happens. It's directed by Bad Santa duo Glenn Ficarra and John Requa and comes out July 29th.


Watch Jessica Alba Pretend To Love Math In Trailer For 'An Invisible Sign'

There are numbers everywhere, man. Actress Jessica Alba's reputation, if it were boiled down to a couple sentences, would probably not include the terms "math-obsessed," "mousy," or "sexless." And yet, thanks to some Hollywood magic, she's appearing in An Invisible Sign as a character which could be described by all three of those terms! The movie follows Alba's character, who sees numbers in the air, man, as she deals with her mathematician father's deteriorating mental condition, and falls in love with a funny bearded science teacher. If you're wondering who has the privilege to share the screen with Alba, her dad is played by J.K. Simmons, and the science teacher is played by Chris Messina. The trailer looks pretty standard, but if this is your thing, have at it. It's pretty long, too, so maybe you can watch this in lieu of seeing the actual movie.


If You Love Green Screens And Martial Arts, Then You'll Love This 'Bunraku' Trailer

If you complain about an unclear plot, you're not focusing enough on the kicking. Yes, we do have a trailer for the rainbow-hued, Woody Harrelson and Josh Hartnett-starring, low-budget, cowboys vs. ninjas saga Bunraku. We've got it right here. For good measure, the producers threw Ron Perlman and Demi Moore in the mix as well. Beyond the cast, a sense of production design, and some non-stop kickin', this trailer doesn't really offer up too much else. The plot is unclear, but that might not even change upon viewing the film. The film seems like an odd choice for any star to participate in, let alone four, and the effects aren't terribly impressive, but it's got a Sin City aesthetic to it that allows for vivid imagery without much money. I doubt you'll find that as a pull quote on the poster, but this film appears weird enough that maybe you will.