HBO's 'Talking Funny' Trailer and Poster Includes Talking, Funny

Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Louis C.K. and Ricky Gervais. All talking. To each other. Dun-dun-duuuuuun.

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Jerry Seinfeld, Martin Short, Jimmy Fallon, And Miranda Sings Throw Down In Pictionary

Yeah, we didn't recognize that last name either. There's normally a bit of a lull in entertainment news from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Sure you, get some awards show fodder in there, but that's hardly a cure for boredom. However, like so many characters in Christmas films, we make due with what we have, refusing to complain or let anything dampen our holiday spirit. And what we have is a Tonight Show clip of Jimmy Fallon, Martin Short, and Jerry Seinfeld playing Pictionary with some girl named Miranda sings from YouTube. It's not earth-shattering, but any video clip with an enthusiastic Martin Short makes the cut. Take a look. (THR)


Links Away: Louis CK Honors George Carlin

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Learn To Play Guitar With Ricky Gervais' David Brent In This Video

Hot love highway. When the British Office came out, there was little need to delineate actor Ricky Gervais from his painfully awesome David Brent character, because no one knew who Gervais was. However, after a LOT of public appearances, some good projects, more than a few bad ones, and a general "aw shucks, aren't I incorrigible?" attitude, it seems as though the two might be a little closer than anyone would have imagined. But who the hell cares? It's still awesome to get any dose of David Brent back, so here he is in some weird guitar video called "Thank Fuck It's Friday/Learn Guitar With David Brent." No more information is necessary.


Here's The Trailer For The New Christopher Guest HBO Series 'Family Tree'

Surprisingly endearing, by Christopher Guest standards. While it's got all the cast members of a Christopher Guest film, his foray into cable television appears to have more heart and plot than his mockumentary films do. That could be a good and bad thing, as a quirky, improvised TV show with no direction probably wouldn't be the most durable project (the good part), but replacing Guest's cracker-dry wit with some sappy music and a heartfelt family reunion is a little outside his fanbase's comfort zone (potentially bad). Nonetheless, it's HBO and Christopher Guest, so let's assume everything is going to be okay until we have more concrete cause for concern. Plus, if anyone can toe the line of funny and heartwarming, it's Chris O'Dowd.