Have You Taken A Look At 'Taken 2' Yet?

I bet Liam Neeson wishes he could just once travel without having to punch guys in the throat. Much in the same way that John McClane continues to have extremely bad days that involve having to thwart all manner of terrorist, it now looks like Liam Neeson's Bryan Mills is doomed to have to deal with kidnapping over and over and over again. In this trailer for Taken 2, he and the family take a vacation to Istanbul. But before they can take in the food and culture, they're attacked by the dad of the bad guys from the first film. Jeez. You electrocute one Albanian sex trafficker to dust and indiscriminately murder the rest of his ring and suddenly YOU'RE the bad guy. If those sex traffickers had real dads, this vacation would have gone off without a hitch.

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Time For Liam Neeson To Kill All The Guys Again In 'Tak3n' Trailer

Here we go again. Things were looking up for Brian Mills. He got back together with his estranged wife, his daughter wasn't getting taken all that much anymore, and he'd seemingly traded in his special set of skills for cooking and domestic happiness. But this wouldn't be Tak3n without one of his many enemies upping the ante from kidnapping to murder. That is clearly against the rules of these movies. Wrongfully accused for the murder of his wife, Mills has to track down his tormentors while protecting his daughter and fleeing the LAPD and the FBI. Plus, he still has those Netflix DVD's he was hoping to watch and return. Ugh. Mondays.


Liam Neeson Deals With Some Jerk Murdering Everyone On A Plane In 'Non-Stop' Trailer

Always bet on Black... Irish. We've seen Liam Neeson play cat-and-mouse with vicious wolves and generic European gangsters, but we've never seen him deal with some jerk on an airplane before. And I'm not talking about seat-kicking. This particular jerk is murdering everyone on the flight right under Neeson's nose. In Non-Stop, from Orphan director Jaume Collet-Serra, Liam Neeson plays a guy not played by Nicolas Cage who must find and stomp out the evil mastermind making ransom demands on an international flight. If that terrorist had only watched Passenger 57, he'd know to always bet on black. Or Black Irish in this case.


Guy Pearce Is Captain Sarcastic In 'Lockout' Trailer

Admit it. This movie was written while drunk. When the president's daughter is held hostage in an outer space prison, there's only one man who can save her. But he's a loose cannon. trailer. Possibly written while drunk? Maggie Grace plays the president's comely daughter who happens to be hanging out at an off-Earth prison when the inmates take over. And the only non-Liam Neeson guy who can save her is Guy Pearce. A wise-crackin', butt-smokin', one man wrecking machine whose gonna astronaut his way in and get her off that floating crowbar hotel. Lockout looks completely ridiculous. But also completely awesome. It's the Con-Air sequel we've always wanted. Give me all the tickets. In space, when you drop the soap, does the soap float in mid-air?


'Wild Card' Trailer: Jason Statham Is Beating Up Bad Guys In Vegas This Time

When evil happens in Vegas, he slays in Vegas. We all know this plot by now. Some misguided thug beats up a woman who knows Jason Statham. He's then forced to maim and kill that thug's anonymous henchmen by a) judo chopping them in the throat, b) throwing them through glass, c) using an everyday object like a bicycle, belt, or luggage handle to beat them up, and d) all of the above simultaneously. All leading up to his headbutting to death their ringleader. There's no problem this man can't solve with a headbutt. However, something about this hackneyed, well-trodden path seems fresh, compelling, and original. Can't quite put my finger on it.


Honest Trailer: Taken

America's about to get Taken for the third time! So revisit the first two Takenings, which prove that Liam Neeson should pretty much stay out of Europe. America's about to get Taken for the third time! So revisit the first two Takenings, which prove that Liam Neeson should pretty much stay out of Europe. Screen Junkies approved! Watch feature-length movies for free on Break ?? http://brk.cm/MoviesonBreak Become a Screen Junkie! ?? http://bit.ly/sjsubscr Watch more Honest Trailers ?? http://bit.ly/HonestTrailerPlaylist


New 'Vacation' Trailer Raises The Dog Pee Sandwich Bar

Rusty Griswold is going to Wally World even if it murders him. If you're seeking to revitalize a comedy franchise like the Vacation films, you've got to up the gross out comedy ante to contend with today's offerings. And that's what has lead us Rusty Griswold and family bathing in raw sewage. The original series switched out its Rusty and Audrey characters in order to keep their ages consistent. This new series may have to switch out the kids for health reasons.