Have An Extended Look At That 'Avengers' Super Bowl Spot

Now with more Hulk. Comic book fans may have missed this new trailer for The Avengers during last night's Super Ball sporting event, so here it is again. And this time it's slightly longer because airing something online doesn't cost $3 million per second. Let's watch together and take note of all the badass things that happen.
  • Civilians running from whatever menace Loki has aligned himself with
  • Badass S.H.I.E.L.D. jets being parked neatly (Coulson demands it)
  • Iron Man wearing a Black Sabbath t-shirt
  • Thor surfing on a jet
  • Alien ninjas jumping from the sky above New York
  • Captain America and Thor using their shield and hammer to protect the team from raining flames and debris
  • Lasers
  • A Samuel L. Jackson pep talk
  • Cool 360 degree group shot
  • Tony Stark's New York penthouse
  • The Hulk jumping in the air and tackling rockets
So, yeah. Pretty great. Ball's in your court now The Amazing Spider-Man. Amaze us.