Have A Quick Look At The ‘Super 8' Alien In This New Viral Video

OF COURSE there's a 'Super 8' viral Easter Egg video. [post-album postid="215508" item="1"]Those not fortunate enough to get an early look at Super 8 (and subsequently berate it) are likely curious about the film's secrets and what the alien looks like and if Kyle Chandler is nice or not and does JJ Abrams work out and if so how does he find the time. Well, this video should help with some of those questions. Over the last few months, clips from a 1960's secret military video were released to various websites. Now on the day of the film's early release, those clips have been pieced together and feature the early scientific research into the film's alien. Be advised that the video contains minor plot spoilers as well as a glimpse of the alien. If you want to see the film with fresh eyes, don't watch the video. But please pour over my words and tell me if you see us sealing the deal tonight. I mean, c'mon. Bus rides and extra value meals add up, you know. (Yahoo)