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Half Naked Mega-Babes on TV Tonight

Nary does there come a time when the buxom VS Angels (Adriana, Alessandra, Behati, Doutzen, Heidi, Karolina, Marisa, Miranda, and Selita) get to strip down and show the world the meaning of the phrase "Babe-raham Lincoln." Skip it, and you just might miss a boob popping out. I love TV.*

Prime Time TV

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Wednesday 10/9c, on CBS

Nuff Said.


Late Show Round-Up (From Best to Worst)

Letterman 1130/1030c CBS

Paris Hilton, Elvis Costello,Jenny Lewis & Elvis Costello, Ricky Gervais Top 10

Craig Ferguson 1235/1135c CBS 

Elizabeth Banks, Jay Mohr

Leno 1135/1035c NBC

Heather Locklear, Chrisiane Amanpour, Tom Jones

Conan 1235/1135c NBC 

Senator John McCain, the Steel Drivers

HAPPY Viewing–

*Yay for Late Night babes too

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