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Guy Pearce Is Future Donald Trump In The New ‘Prometheus’ Teaser

Yesterday, the Internet was abuzz with rumors about who Guy Pearce is playing in the upcoming Alien prequel, Prometheus. The news was that he would play Peter Weyland, industrialist and the Weyland half of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Those reports were in fact true and now we have a formal introduction to the man.

With this tease, directed by Luke Scott, we jump ahead thirteen years into the future for TED2023. Here, Pearce slimes it up as Peter Weyland while discussing his interest in changing the world. It’s a short bit that won’t appear in the actual film, but still a pretty cool nod to the world we currently inhabit. Gives me the impression that if anyone is going to stumble across alien xenomorphs, it would be a wealthy British entreprenuar. Richard Branson, I’m looking at you.

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