Guy Pearce Is Captain Sarcastic In 'Lockout' Trailer

Admit it. This movie was written while drunk. When the president's daughter is held hostage in an outer space prison, there's only one man who can save her. But he's a loose cannon. <------ Actual dialogue from this trailer. Possibly written while drunk? Maggie Grace plays the president's comely daughter who happens to be hanging out at an off-Earth prison when the inmates take over. And the only non-Liam Neeson guy who can save her is Guy Pearce. A wise-crackin', butt-smokin', one man wrecking machine whose gonna astronaut his way in and get her off that floating crowbar hotel. Lockout looks completely ridiculous. But also completely awesome. It's the Con-Air sequel we've always wanted. Give me all the tickets. In space, when you drop the soap, does the soap float in mid-air?