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Gremlins 2 Mash-Up Takes On Batman, The Exorcist and More

I’m a sucker for these movie mash-up things. Often, they’re pretty funny and, since I’m only a little better than a chimp would be at video editing, they’re really impressive. Before you go complaining that the effects aren’t perfect, take into consideration that this whole thing was done in a basement by one person. One creative, but very lonely person.

My favorite part is the Indiana Jones bit, only because I can identify with those gremlins and their insatiable need to party with pirate hats on. This video also reminded me just how shitty Gremlins 2 is. The first one is definitely kind of a classic, but the second one was just a whole heap of crap that didn’t really make any sense. I remember getting really angry when that one drank some kind of liquid and turned into a scientist. Gremlins aren’t supposed to talk. They’re supposed to get shoved into a microwave and explode.

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