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‘Green Lantern’ Clips… And Clips… And Clips…

One thing you can say for the Warner Bros. marketing department: they're not shy. Especially when it comes to giving out a seemingly infinite stream of clips, stills and trailers for Green Lantern. They are inundating the tubes with that unsettling green CG light the Green Lantern Corps' rings give off and today's blast o' green comes in the form of 8 new clips. Among other things, you'll see how Hal Jordan learns to fly, thanks to the help of Fish Chicken McGee.

Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Geoffrey Rush and Michael Clarke Duncan. Directed by Martin Campbell, the DC Comic gets transported magically via an alien lantern into movie theaters June 17, 2011.

It's time for some serious locker chat. There's nothing funnier than the ol' lady wingman/decoy prank. E.T. should have given Elliott a power ring. It's alien etiquette. Oaths, amiright? Now he can fight Peter Pan. Unfortunately, House was unavailable. "The reason I've called you to this unprecedented gathering is... it's Diversity Day. We're all gonna watch a video." Like many of his fellow "Lost" cast members, the Smoke Monster has found work.

4 photosNew ‘Green Lantern’ Posters: Alien Freaks Striking Poses

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