Greatest Sports Pep Talk Ever

The finest sports figures from film and television offer up words of encouragement to get you back out on that field in fighting form. In anticipation of the Super Bowl on Sunday, Matthew Freund put together this inspirational supercut. The finest sports figures from film and television offer up words of encouragement to get you back out on that field in fighting form. Whether you're a Packers fan or a Steelers fan, it should get you amped to pummel the opposing team.

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Netflix Offers A Trailer For Its First Original Series, 'Lilyhammer'

Fans of Silvio Dante from 'The Sopranos', this is for you. That's right, Lilyhammer. Netflix first (and admittedly, lowest profile when compared to House of Cards and Arrested Development) original series follows The Sopranos' Steven Van Zandt as a mobster (!) who enters the witness protection program in Lillehammer, Norway. Of course, we watch him as a fish out of water in both civil matters, and, presumably, watch him fall back into the Scandinavian underworld. The entire series will be released at once starting on February 6, so you can plow through the eight episode first season run with no waiting. Judging from the trailer, getting through the series should take me about eight hours. This show looks pretty damn good, with a Coen-brothers sensibility; a balance of drama, action, and comedy. Yay February!


Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert Fight About Who's The Biggest 'Star Wars' Fan For Charity

"I take umbrage at that" "Give me back my umbrage!" It's always fun to watch our the Comedy Central news team (Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart) geek out, though Jon Stewart should know from Colbert's Tolkien rants that he's not to be trifled with. So enjoy them arguing about who likes Star Wars more. And if you don't care for the geekier things in life, there's still of plenty of comedy here to satisfy. And if you don't find their brand of humor funny – you're making this really difficult, by the way – you can do it for the UNICEF cause that feeds and aids children across the world. AND IF THAT DOESN'T DO IT FOR YOU...then you're beyond help my friend. Check out the video for information on how to give.


This Video Figures Out How Much It Would Cost To Create 'Jurassic Park'

Who would have thought that populating an island with extinct animals would be so expensive? If the only thing keeping you from developing your own Jurassic Park was the uncertainty of the cost, I'm happy to say that you can now get to building. Courtesy of Fandango, a video has been assembled that allows us, with very little precision whatsoever, to determine how much a Jurassic Park would be for us. It turns out it wouldn't be cheap. It's far more money than most of us have. Did we need a video to tell us that? Not really, but if we all pooled our money, we'd probably have enough to build it. So leave your PayPal email in the comments, and I'll send you an invoice for your share of the park (1/4 raptor). Here's the video. (A.V. Club)


How To Fix The Fantastic Four - Movie Fights!

Scott Mantz (Access Hollywood & Profiles), Kristian Harloff ( and Hal Rudnick (Screen Junkies Show) debate the following topics with judge Nick Mundy (Conan & Screen Junkies) for the week of 8/21. 0:05:08 FIGHT 1 - Fix the Fantastic Four Movie 0:16:38 FIGHT 2 - Coolest Movie Future 0:26:53 FIGHT 3 - Kill One upcoming Comic Book Movie 0:37:55 FIGHT 4 - Best Disney Princess 0:46:33 FIGHT 5 - Pitch a buddy movie starring Nick Mundy 0:57:34 FIGHT 6 - Bang-Marry-Kill: 1990s Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Bruce Willis 1:02:49 FIGHT 7 - SPEED ROUND


McBain! A Simpsons Classic Is Revived In (Mock) Movie Form

If you're a fan of "The Simpsons" you're familiar with the recurring character Rainer Wolfcastle. Someone has taken the time to cut together all of his film parody appearances, giving us a four-minute glimpse at what a full-on McBain movie might look like. If you're a fan of "The Simpsons" you're familiar with the recurring character Rainer Wolfcastle. A long-running Arnold Schwarzenegger parody, Wolfcastle portrayed action hero McBain in the early episodes of the show. Now someone has taken the time to cut together all of McBain's appearances, giving us a four-minute glimpse at what a full-on McBain movie might look like. More than that, though, it's a reminder of just how formulaic, cheesy, and kill-tastically awesome action movies were in the 80s. (/Film)


Further Proof Kevin Costner LOVES Sports Movies: 'Draft Day'

He's in the front office of the Cleveland Browns. God help him. Because Kevin Costner is far too old to really play any sort of athlete, except for maybe in a Tin Cup sequel, his foray into sports films is a little different these days. Rather than play a star pitcher, or sailing captain, or baseball player, or baseball player, or baseball player, he has to play a general manager or coach, or something lame like that. Speaking of lame, Draft Day has him general managing the Cleveland Browns, which is sort of like torture porn to fans of sports films. So take this football equivalent of Saw, which, of course, is drafting the 28 year-old Brandon Weedon with your first round pick. The scariest part is that actually happened.


Sly. Khal Drogo. An Axe Fight. 'Bullet To The Head' UK Trailer

We don't get enough huge dudes killing each other with axes in movies these days. Slyvester Stallone has got it all figured out. He used to star in movies where he'd play a man out for the head of his ridiculously hot wife or girlfriend's captor. Now that he's in his mid-sixties and can still reduce bad guys to pulp and mulch, he's had to tweak the formula to hunt down the man who has kidnapped his ridiculously hot daughter. The only real loss here is it presents less opportunity to see the hot daughter (in this case Sarah Shahi) topless. Unless Sly suddenly wanted to get arty and weird at this point in his career. But we're not there yet. Just stick to axe fights and liquefying henchman with big guns.


Who Should Be the Next Wolverine? - MOVIE FIGHTS!

Who do you cast as the new Wolverine? There's only one way to settle this: MOVIE FIGHT! Host Andy Signore (Creator of Honest Trailers) brings in 3 Movie Fights Fans (Mika Valleau, Bryan Chambers and  Tony Tubes Zerr) to fight over the movie topics of 4/3/2015: 0:07:17  FIGHT 1 - Who do you cast as the new Wolverine? 0:16:52  FIGHT 2 - What property should have a movie universe? 0:26:52  FIGHT 3- What actor should join the Fast and the Furious? 0:34:39  FIGHT 4 - Best action sequel of all time? 0:45:09  FIGHT 5 - Best James Bond movie? 0:52:26  FIGHT 6 - if you could punch one actor in the face, who would it be? 0:58:57  FIGHT 7 - Worst casting in movie history? 1:11:00  FIGHT 8 - Speed round