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‘Grand Theft Auto: The Movie’ Is Not What You Think

In the heirarchy of film, most machinima (turning video game footage into a movie) ranks below fan-films about Batman, but slightly above music videos teenagers make by splicing together different scenes from various animes. However, The Trashmaster is a cut-above its peers. French director Mathieu Weschler spent two years (two years of his life!) assembling game footage from Grand Theft Auto IV to make this feature length movie about a city trash collector who cleans up crime on the streets. It’s not just a bunch of dudes dubbing voices for Mario and Luigi — this is a well-edited, shockingly watchable movie.

The first thing you’ll probably notice when you start watching is the ridiculous voice over, which is what I imagine Google Translate would sound like if the website came to life and started translating French into English for me. It also takes annoying commercial breaks. That being said, the editing is crisp, the camera angles are intriguing and there’s an actual story. So who says you can’t make a decent movie based on a video game. (/Film)

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