Get Familiar With Tig, The Lovable Scamp From 'Sons Of Anarchy'

You've always wanted to meet a criminal biker. Here's your chance. Sons of Anarchy has been giving us some pretty neat clips recently that give us background simultaneously into the lives of the characters and the actors playing them through their "Before the Anarchy" webisodes. This go-round, we get privy to the goings on of Tig, one of the more colorful characters in a cast that is riddled with colorful characters. So drop on by, say hello, and try not to get your skull cracked in by this dude. Actually, don't even say hello. That might just piss him off more.

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Jax Got A Haircut For 'Sons Of Anarchy' Season 4 Promo

It's just a taste of what's to come. Son's of Anarchy creator, and rabid Screen Junkies hater, Kurt Sutter posted a new promo for the biker drama on his blog this morning. It doesn't offer up much, but it looks like the Teller family is happy to have baby Abel back, and Jax cut off his golden locks. Could the show be turning over a new leaf? Are we to expect no more rape, intravenous drug-taking, or skull stomping? Oh no wait, Clay's brandishing a shot gun. Good to see the Sons haven't gotten soft. I never clocked them as Red Hot Chili Pepper fans though. Who am I kidding? EVERYONE loves RHCP.


Conan O'Brien Joined The 'Sons Of Anarchy' Last Night On His Show

He would be an amazing biker. Conan O'Brien treated his audience, and himself, to a three-minute cold open that followed the ginger talk show host as an outlaw biker. It's about as funny and ridiculous as you would expect. This was all done in honor of an appearance by the cast and creator of Sons of Anarchy on the show, which was equally surreal. After some really long shots of Conan trying his best to look menacing, the rest of the intro is him getting throw out of various storefronts. Or a stuntman with a Conan wig, if you want to be cynical about it. This is just the intro. If you want to see his interview with the cast, Deadline has a nice assembly of clips here.


Frank Grillo Is Essentially The Punisher In 'The Purge: Anarchy' Trailer

What if these movies were actually about people doing juice cleanses? As you know, The Purge films hinge on the concept that one night a year, those who choose to do so are allowed to be a total murdering jerk for one night only without legal repercussions or having to worry about who is going to clean all of that up. After the original grossed $90 million on a $3 million budget, it was a safe bet that we'd get The Purge: Anarchy - a different look at people dying horribly at the hands of their friends and neighbors. Now we have a better look at that. This trailer focuses more on Frank Grillo as a grieving dad who uses Purge Night as his opportunity to be The Punisher while protecting the innocent with a machine gun car. As far as machine gun car movies go, this looks like a spooky one.


Nick Offerman Returns To Give Us A Song About Whiskey

This is just about the most obvious pairing since Offerman and facial hair. As the steady stream of viral Nick Offerman videos continues to roll in, we're given a certain comfort that we won't lose this guy when Parks and Rec goes off the air in March. In this video from clickbait site Elite Daily, Nick Offerman gives an ode to the most noble of beverages, whiskey. It's got a very European sweater-y tilt to it, and it just might warm you up if it's cold outside. If it doesn't, then watch some Parks and Recreation and drink some whiskey. That should do it. (THR)


Leaked 'Two And A Half Men' Finale Wraps Everything Up In A Neat, Little Package

CBS foresaw the problem potential of hanging the livelihoods of hundreds on a raving madman and decided to get a series finale in the can in case of Sheenmergency. The future of "Two and a Half Men" remains in question thanks to Charlie Sheen's thinking he's a jet plane. Luckily, CBS foresaw the problem potential of this body dysmorphia and decided to get a series finale in the can in case of Sheenmergency. Now, in our ongoing effort to waste too many words on "Two and a Half Men," we present to you the leaked series finale.


'Snowden' Teaser Trailer Brings Everyone's Favorite Treasonous Scamp To The Big Screen

The state department has invited Edward Snowden back for the premiere party, saying it's going to be "sick." If you were going to guess who would bring us a dramatic film about the recent life of Edward Snowden, who do you think would do it? You'd guess Oliver Stone, right? You'd be correct. The politically-charged director has released a trailer for his film Snowden, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and co-starring Zachary Quinto, Tom Wilkinson, Nic Cage (!), and Melissa Leo. That's a strong cast. It's a shame that we don't get to see them in this teaser. Or any film footage. But it's a start. I bet that a week before the film premieres, they'll be including classified docs in the marketing campaign to get "buzz" going. (Collider)


'Son Of No One Trailer': The Mustaches Mean They're Cops

I can't decide if it's the mustaches or Al Pacino shouting his lines that make this look like Generic Cop Movie 2011 Edition. I can't decide if it's the mustaches or Al Pacino shouting his lines that make this look like Generic Cop Movie 2011 Edition. Sundance's closing entry, Son Of No One doesn't really impress with this first trailer. Channing Tatum stars as a cop with some kind of tragedy in his past. He's working the beat in the Queens housing projects where he was raised until a reporter starts digging up dirt about his childhood and deceased Cop Dad. Al Pacino and Ray Liotta (who didn't get the mustache memo) serve as his advisors while guarding whatever secret from his past that inevitably won't have a very good pay off in the end. Also, Katie Holmes is here playing Stressed Out Katie Holmes. And Tracy Morgan will definitely get shot. (MTV)