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German Beer Company Uses Elderly Cobain, Lennon, Monroe, 2Pac, And Elvis To Sell Fruit-Flavored Beer

What if 2pac, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon didn’t live tortured lives with heartbreaking ends, but rather slipped off to a beach to drink fruity beers and loaf around like jackasses?


A German beer company has employed the likenesses of the most popular 20th century icons who faced untimely deaths for this TV spot. And frankly, it’s such a crass marketing effort I kind of enjoy it. Anytime you can have Kurt Cobain vomit at the sight of an elderly woman’s hoo-ha, you have to do it.

Also worth noting is the shitty job done in aging John Lennon. He looks like Tommy Chong. And while he and Marilyn have appeared to age about 30 years, Cobain and 2Pac appear to have only put on about 7.

It’s a magical island.

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