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George Stephanopoulos Finds One More Objectionable Aspect Of ‘Toddlers And Tiaras': GO-GO JUICE!

The past year or so has seen pretty much every camp in America save for TLC execs and stage moms outraged by the reality TV show Toddlers and Tiaras, which sheds light on the unholy aberration that is child beauty pageants.

In case some Americans out there weren’t vocally condemning the show, there’s now this hard-hitting Good Morning America examination, spearheaded by former White House Communications Director George Stephanopoulos. (Interesting career turn, George.)

In the clip, a pageant mom reveals the competitive advantage her daughter maintains over the rest of mommy’s little minions: go-go juice. For those who had loving mothers that didn’t milk your sense of self-worth for their own edification, let me explain what go-go juice is. It’s Red Bull mixed with Mountain Dew to make the pageant entrants extra sparkly!

Just…just watch. I don’t wanna talk about this anymore. The whole thing is sad. The horrible moms, the brainwashed kids, George Stephanopoulos’ involvement…all of it.

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