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George Clooney Imitates Tim Allen’s Neighbor In ‘The Descendants’ Trailer

George Clooney has played many varied roles throughout his career. He’s played political figures, a fisherman, a fast-talking prison escapee, a nippled superhero, a frequent flyer, and he’s fought off the attacks of killer tomatoes. Now he’s headed into new territory under the tutelage of Alexander Payne: Stressed out dad.

In The Descendants, Clooney‘s stuck actually having to raise his daughters after his wife goes and messes her shit up in a boating accident. Not cool, wife. Don’t you know a guy like Clooney needs to be out there planning his next steps in his on-going prank war against Brad Pitt? If he lets his guard down for one minute, he’s likely find his Bugatti Veyron parked beneath power lines in an area highly-trafficked by pigeons.

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