Full Length 'True Grit' Trailer Is Intense, Features Bear On A Horse

What is this? 'The Wicker Man'? Hot on the heels of last week's True Grit teaser comes the full length jump off. This time around we see a lot more of Bridges's Cogburn, Damon's La Beouf, and Brolin's cowardly Chaney. We also see someone dressed as a bear on horseback. What kind of crazy scheme are they trying to pull?

LA BEOUF: Alright. When Chaney sees me approach dressed as a bear, he'll think I'm just after his pic-a-nic basket. That's when we take him in.

Female bear with a bow in her hair mounts La Beouf. Cue "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."

COCKBURN: Ah, raped by a bear. Seen it hundreds o' times. Tis a shame.

Note that I haven't read the script, so the events detailed above may not actually happen. Check out the full length trailer after the jump...