Full Length 'True Grit' Trailer Is Intense, Features Bear On A Horse

What is this? 'The Wicker Man'? Hot on the heels of last week's True Grit teaser comes the full length jump off. This time around we see a lot more of Bridges's Cogburn, Damon's La Beouf, and Brolin's cowardly Chaney. We also see someone dressed as a bear on horseback. What kind of crazy scheme are they trying to pull?

LA BEOUF: Alright. When Chaney sees me approach dressed as a bear, he'll think I'm just after his pic-a-nic basket. That's when we take him in.

Female bear with a bow in her hair mounts La Beouf. Cue "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."

COCKBURN: Ah, raped by a bear. Seen it hundreds o' times. Tis a shame.

Note that I haven't read the script, so the events detailed above may not actually happen. Check out the full length trailer after the jump...

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Costarring a very tight mock turtleneck. In case you thought that the next James Bond would be a lighter, breezier affair, harkening back to the halcyon days of Timothy Dalton...we have some bad news for you. Daniel Craig's James Bond seems to have gotten even more dark and more troubled. Was such a thing even possible? Apparently so. In keeping with the plot rumors, it seems that Spectre forces James Bond to confront a secret about his past, and it's dark. I worry that we might be diving a little TOO far back into James Bond's character, sacrificing the fun stuff for a big chunk of character development. We don't get much in the way of action, but we get a LOT of tension. In fact, it's hard not to draw comparisons to Craig's work in the pensive and tense Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as well. In any event, this appears to be another Bond film that branches out beyond the Bond formula, good, bad, or otherwise. (Deadline)


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Things are going to get weird(er) this season. Last week we showed you the preview of the scary clown who just needs to STOP IT. Thankfully, he's nowhere in sight in this full-length trailer for American Horror Story: Freak Show. Get a load of these freaks: Kathy Bates as Prince Vultan from Flash Gordon, a two-headed Sarah Paulson, Michael Chiklis as The Mountain, and Angela Bassett with three boobs. That's one way to get your groove back. Because this is American Horror Story, Jessica Lange also makes an appearance as the Ringmaster. It's unknown at this time what makes her a freak but let's assume it involves her having penises for nipples or something.     Kathy Bates as a bearded lady, Angela Bassett as the three-breasted woman, Sarah Paulson as two-headed woman Bette and Dot, and Michael Chiklis as a strong man. The trailer closes on ringmistress Jessica Lange, with Jyoti Amge, the world’s smallest woman, at her side.


The First 'Ted 2' Trailer Is Almost Un-Bear-Able

WHY MORGAN FREEMAN. WHY?! By Jared Jones If the first poster for Ted 2 hadn't already convinced you that we'd be in for a much lazier affair this time around, then the first trailer for Seth MacFarlane's latest "effort" has arrived to erase all doubts. Fans of extremely broad comedy, rejoice! Semen jokes, slapstick humor, Facebook jokes, and horrific Boston accents are in no short supply in the Ted 2 trailer, which was released earlier today. Worse yet, Mila Kunis is out, and in her place is a Amanda Seyfried playing a lawyer named Sam L. Jackson. You get it? Because that's a famous black guy's name! Oh, the absurdity of it all!! As an unapologetic Family Guy fan who was pleasantly surprised by the first Ted flick, even I found myself cringing my way through most of this. The idea of Ted settling down and being forced to prove that he's human in order to have a child isn't exactly the worst idea for a sequel, but right around the moment they started throwing cookies into a blind guy's asscrack, I suddenly lost interest. Also, WHY MORGAN FREEMAN. WHY?! So yeah, Ted 2 may very well prove that its predecessor was more of a lightning in a bottle situation than anything else. It will also earn no less than $200 million domestic, so there's that.


Netflix Tosses A Fearless, Gritty 'Daredevil' Trailer Out Way

Getting beaten up by a blind lawyer can't be good for criminals' self-esteem. Netflix, not one to take a week off from reminding us that they're in the original content game, has released the first trailer for Daredevil, a Marvel property that is likely running away from the Ben Affleck adaptation about a decade ago. They've got Charlie Cox from Boardwalk Empire playing Matt Murdock, the alter ego of the superhero. Unlike many other Marvel stories (except Spider-Man), this one is actually set in New York and not some thinly-veiled approximation. While this is flying largely under the radar, it could be a pretty decent surprise, and an opportunity for Netflix to start mass-marketing its fare. (Daredevil)


Will Smith Goes Full Will Smith In 'Men In Black III' Trailer

Whoa. Whoa. You went too Will Smith, Will Smith. Sadly there's no one to defend the galaxy against Will Smith in the first trailer for Men In Black III. Here we mostly see Smith as Agent J marauding around New York City and giving aliens and humans alike some serious sass. I guess it's important to impress alien enemies with the latest slang before liquefying them with a ray gun. After ten years away from the screen, the MiB are still operating in secret under the nose of John Q. Public. A powerful enemy escapes their holding cell and travels backward in time to kill Agent K and rewrite history. Agent J, being the fan of history that he is, finds a way to jump back in time as well to stop the fiendish plot. This is a pretty vague first look, so let's look forward to a longer, more plot-driven trailer. In other words, let's see Alice Eve in some tiny 1960's dresses.


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Fairy Land looks like a really high-end Olive Garden. [post-album postid="30873" item="5"] If you ended True Blood" season three by being all, "Aww, what the fuh?!!," when Sookie zapped off to the Fairy Realm, HBO has your back. They just released the first three minutes of of the season four premiere that picks up where the last season left off. Sookie is beamed into a high-end Olvie Garden where everyone is eating light bulbs and having a good time. And Lumbergh is there. Sounds trippy but it's pretty mild by "True Blood" standards. I mean nobody gets their head bashed into goo while being sodomized. Are the writers even trying anymore??