'Fright Night' International Trailer Delivers More Scares

And more David Tennant since he's actually recognizable overseas. [post-album postid="214929" item="1"]Thus far, Fright Night 3D has made three promises. 1) it will be frightening. 2) it will take place at night. 3) it will jump off the screen and charge a higher ticket premium. But, there's been some fears that the movie won't be frightening enough. The studio's marketing aims to alleviate those fears with yet another trailer. This time, it's an international trailer. It features more horror elements than the previous cuts, and features more David Tennant. Which makes sense seeing as international audiences actually know who he is. Frankly, I don't have to be sold. I've seen enough to know it will keep me entertained. I'll still watch the next three trailers though.