'Freaks And Geeks' Is Back, As A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure YouTube Game

And it's friggin' addictive. Freaks and Geeks is long off-the-air with its cast and creators having moved on to make dick jokes in various projects, but that's not to say that you can't relive the magic by putting yourself in the shoes of the Weir children. In this highly-addictive YouTube choose-your-own-adventure game, you can navigate the Halls of McKinley High and beware the various social pitfalls threatening to ensnare you. And Alan. That guy is such a dick.

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Seth Rogen Experiences The Downside Of Living Next To Dickheads In 'Neighbors' Trailer

This must be worse than living next to Justin Bieber. Set in a fictional reality where a rowdy fraternity is allowed to move into a residential area and Seth Rogen is able to woo and impregnate a hottie like Rose Byrne, Neighbors tells the story of a young couple battling the Greeks next door. Zac Efron and Dave Franco play the douchey frat neighbors whose wild parties, De Niro impersonations, and sperm upset the once quiet neighborhood. All that and I'm sure they're playing "Blurred Lines" non-stop. You just know.


Seth Rogen And James Franco Bring Us The Trailer For 'The Interview'

I couldn't think of worse spies if I tried. Which I haven't. Seth Rogen, having sometimes, but still not all that often decided to stray from the road-tested formula of being a giant, grown-up boy, has once again teamed with James Franco and buddy/partner Evan Goldberg to bring us The Interview. It seems pretty high concept for him, too. The Interview follows Rogen and Franco as they take a diplomatic trip to North Korea to kill Kim Jung Un. Huh. That's...that's something. Even though the project is something of a departure, somewhat in the action vein, you'll still see a lot of familiar faces, including fan fave Lizzie Caplan. Take a look.


Dennis Quaid Refers To Someone As 'Dopey The Dick' During Movie Set Freak-Out

It's sometimes nice to just kick back and watch older men lose their sh*t. He's no Christian Bale, but you can't blame Dennis Quaid for a terrific effort in this found footage movie set freak out. It's a little too good to be true, leaving some wondering if it's fake or staged. He sure does enunciated well for a guy in the middle of a meltdown, but he was just in the middle of doing a scene, so maybe that was his mindset. Anyway, it's fun to see ole' wholesome Dennis Quaid get a little fire in his belly. Here's the clip. Don't be a Dopey the Dick. Don't wander into Dennis Quaid's set while he's ACTING.


Seth Rogen And Zac Efron Apply For An Office Job On 'Workaholics'

There's nothing funny about workahol addiction. Despite its portrayal in the series as a bland, soul-sucking humorless place, it's probably a dream of many to start punching in at the Workaholics office, if only for the three hilarious asshats that reside there. It also seems like Seth Rogen would be a perfect fit (Zac Efron, maybe not so much) to join the guys, so it makes sense that they would fake apply for a job with the trio in doing their promotion for Neighbors. It gets pretty vulgar, which you probably would have expected anyway. Take a gander.


Peter Weir's 'The Way Back' Trailer

Director Peter Weir is back with The Way Back, another tale of epic proportions. The film stars Jim Sturgess, Colin Farrell, and Ed Harris, and tells of prisoners escaping from a Soviet gulag who have to brave the harsh elements to get back home. We've seen survival stories such as this dozens of times, but Weir usually never disappoints. I'm big fan of The Truman Show, Master and Commander, and of course Dead Poets Society. The Way Back doesn't feature a bearded and dramatic Robin Williams, mind you, but I'll check it out anyway. The Way Back opens December 29th in Los Angeles to make the Oscar cut, and then rolls out across the rest of the country in January. Check out the trailer below. The Way Back - Trailer Uploaded by ThePlaylist. - Classic TV and last night's shows, online. (ThePlaylist)